Spring Dress AC-1551

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Material: Cotton

Size: Free Size | XS to L 

Clothing Height: 110 cm | 43.30 inch

Color: White & Blue

Fully Handmade


The spring dress AC-1551 is hand-embroidered with traditional Iranian hand-printed materials and fabric, which you can order according to your style.

Spring dress AC-1551 details

Spring dress AC-1551 consist of two parts; The white linen fabric that forms the sleeves and the left and right parts of the dress, the middle part of the dress is sewn with Iranian hand-printed fabric. This fabric is designed with geometric motifs and Persian flowers, making a beautiful color combination with the blue and crimson palette.

Hand printing is painting with hand-made patterns on fabric, and in Iran, most of these motifs are original and architectural works, or they are modeled on old clothes of different Iranian periods for unique women's clothes. But in this dress, Iranian motifs of the Qajar era were used because the cloth of the Qajar princes had delicate and unique motifs.

Style in harmony with spring dress AC-1551

The spring dress AC-1551 is designed in boho style, which will harmonize with classic, vintage, and boho styles. Of course, appropriate colors include yellow, red, gray, and cream for more attractiveness. For example, Unique accessories or natural leather shoes in boho or vintage style will make you stylish. You can also use Iranian hand-embroidered shoes for a unique style.

You can wear spring clothes for friendly outings, beach fun, and trips. Of course, depending on the weather, you can wear this dress in the summer season and match it with summer sandals.

In Cyruscrafts online store, you can order unique clothes and accessories so that we can send them to European countries, Canada, and America in the shortest possible time.

Free Size | XS to L
Cotton Yarn
Target Gender
Womens clothing
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