turquoise necklace
turquoise necklace

Silk Rug Silver Necklace with Turquoise Cypress AC-841

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Width: 4.5 cm

Height: 6 cm

Material: silver, turquoise, Persian rug

Chain length: 70 cm

Note: Jewelrugs are handmade and each has just one of them. However, you can order another one similar to it.

The stunning necklace AC-841 consists of silver 925, a handmade Persian rug (made from silk and wool), and exquisite turquoise from Neyshabour. These are perfect if you love rugs if you like special jewelry accessories, and if you enjoy carrying a small jewel rug with you wherever you go. They could be suitable for both men and women, or even as a gorgeous decorative object for your home or car.

Neyshabour turquoise on the Silver & Turquoise Necklace AC-841

Turquoise of Neyshabour is one of the greatest kinds of Neyshabour in the world. The blue color, the pattern, and its stiffness, to name a few, are some parameters that have made it so special and priceless.


As a precious stone that gives beauty, the goodness of this gemstone doesn't end here. Turquoise gemstone has healing powers. It alleviates mood swings and brings inner calm, balancing and aligning all the chakras.

Persian rug of Necklace AC-841

Handmade Persian rugs are very exquisite and renowned throughout the world. An accessory such as this is made by hand weaving a piece of carpet using a vertical loom and symmetric knots.

This mini rug's pattern, a cypress, is one of the traditional symbols showing freedom. There are a few colors on it which help with the connotation. Also having only two basic colors that come together in nature helps with matching this with your style.

Why CyrusCrafts™?

The Cyruscrafts company has an excellent infrastructure background and specializes in the sale and export of vintage and modern Iranian products to countries around the world through our international subsidiaries, and we now take pride in offering you some of the most original and unique decorative, and tasty items supported with the latest transfer technology.

Originality, quality, beauty, uniqueness, health, and a sense of safe purchase are all emphasized in our products.

4.5*6 cm
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Womens clothing
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