Red & Blue Turquoise bracelet and ring
Red & Blue Turquoise bracelet
Red & Blue Turquoise ring
Red & Blue Turquoise bracelet and ring
Red & Blue Turquoise bracelet
Red & Blue Turquoise ring

Red & Blue Turquoise Jewelry Set AC-877

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Metal Type: Copper

Length: -

Dimensions: 16.5 cm

Total Weight: 30+12 grams

Metal Finish: Polished

Gemstone Type: Turquoise

Lock Type: Ring

Red & Blue Turquoise Jewelry Set AC-877 includes a beautiful proper-sized bracelet and a well-detailed piece of a ring, which are 100% handmade and polished.
Turquoise jewelry, which is less than 100 years old, uses small pieces of red and blue turquoise gemstone on a surface of many kinds. These pieces of turquoise, are glued to the metal substructure with the utmost delicacy and precision. As we mentioned, turquoise is less than a century old, but turquoise stone alone dates back more than a thousand years ago.

Archaeologists have discovered that the Egyptians used these ornaments for centuries before Christ. So now the combination of Neishabour blue turquoise stone and coral stone creates a special beauty and effect, half a set of bracelets and a copper ring with a combined coral and turquoise jewel is a unique and eye-catching work for those who are looking for special and attractive works.

"Red & Blue Turquoise Jewelry Set AC-877" Turquoise Gemstone

Turquoise stone was considered a symbol of God's paradise on earth in the past due to its color and properties. Which certainly has a long history as one of the oldest stones in the world.
In ancient Persia, this stone was called "Piroozeh" meaning victory.
In English, the word means "Turkish stone" derived from the French word Pierre Turquise, and it is derived from the historical fact that in ancient times, Persia and other Middle Eastern countries exported this precious stone to Europe via Turkey. They used to think and people thought that this stone was mined in Turkey.

The Advantages of the Neyshabour Turquoise Jewelry Set AC-877

In addition to its calming effect, turquoise jewelry and accessories can lift low spirits and induce internal serenity. Turquoise also aids in detoxification, so it will help you clear negative emotions from your mind.
Turquoise is also a great meditation stone because it aids in tranquility and protection.
Moreover, it surely is a good investment to buy turquoise because turquoise has become one of the most valuable colored gemstones, it has been increasing in value by more than 30% per year for several years because there is a chance that blue Turquoise gemstone is becoming increasingly rare.

Can you go to bed with Turquoise?

Some gemstones or crystals are not appropriate for your sleeping area. The bedroom should not contain stones and crystals that can trigger overstimulation. Unfortunately, these include turquoise and moldavite.

16.5 cm
~80 grams
Persian, Neyshabour
Body Accessory
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