Women's Turquoise Ring AC-1538

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Material: Silver & Turquoise 

Weight: 2 gr

Rock: Turquoise 

Color: Blue


A women's turquoise ring AC-1538 is made with silver material and genuine Neishabur turquoise stone; this handmade ring can be ordered according to your finger size.

Women's turquoise ring AC-1538 design

The women's turquoise ring AC-1538 is designed in the shape of a royal crown, decorated with turquoise stones and atomic diamonds. This ring can be ordered with gold material, and its price is calculated according to its weight.

Turquoise stone has existed in Iran since ancient times and was one of the favorite jewels of Iranian kings because they believed that turquoise stone has magical properties and is useful for protecting people from disasters.

Iran's most famous turquoise stone is extracted from the city of Neyshabor. Neyshabor is the best center of producing turquoise in Iran, and its stones are exported to different countries.

But the turquoise stone is a living stone, and environmental damage destroys it. Therefore, detergents, cosmetics, and cologne should never touch the stone. Use water or sea salt to clean the ring. Also, do not expose the turquoise ring to direct sunlight and heat.

Suitable style with a turquoise ring AC-1538

The turquoise women's ring has a vintage and classic style, easily matched with classic and vintage styles. But for more harmony, order this ring's necklace and earring set.

To choose the size you want, according to the photo below, measure one of your rings with a ruler and send us the photo so we can make the ring you want based on it.


In Cyruscrafts online store, you can order the turquoise ring with its set so that we can send it to European countries, America, and Canada in the shortest possible time.

2 gr
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