Urli bowl has become a popular item in home decoration due to its ability to showcase the natural beauty and luxury of its surroundings. In fact, Urli bowl is a simple and small container that helps to maintain peace and keep bad energies away from the house. This bowl is one of the most beautiful and, at the same time, special home accessories that came to the world from Indian culture.

This versatile piece can be crafted from various materials, with brass being the most favored. Decorating an Urli bowl with float flowers is believed to infuse a space with positive energy, making it a sought-after addition to any home. Join us as we explore the world of Urli bowls and discover the many benefits they offer.

Urli bowl

What is an Urli Bowl?

Urli Bowl is a traditional Indian vessel that has been used to keep drinking water, food, grains, and pulses.

 But over time, the Urli bowl started to become a popular item in the home. Interior designers and Feng Shui experts realized that the presence of this accessory has a positive effect on the harmony and peace of the living place.

What is the Meaning of Urli Bowl?

Urli is a Sanskrit word meaning "bowl" in English. It's used as a large bowl made of wood for everyday kitchen purposes. Today, they can also be made from brass or copper. The Urli is a common household item in South India and has been used for hundreds of years in pooja room.

Uruli bowl

Urli Bowl Benefits in Vastu

Vastu is a traditional Indian design and layout system from ancient Indian books and manuscripts. Vastu can be used in home decor to promote inner peace and pleasure. Urli is one of the appealing Vastu elements. Urli bowl is a strikingly beautiful element for your home or business office, and adding a royal touch to even the simplest setting is the other Urli bowl benefits.

what does having an Urli in your home imply?

The five primary elements of the Pancha bhootas (elements of nature) are supposed to be in good balance to provide:

  • peace
  • health
  • wealth
  • success
  • prosperity

The Urli's water element is a powerful remover of negative energy and evil eyes. Water is also frequently connected with money. Therefore the water element should flow inwards to represent wealth flow.

Urli bowl benefits

Brass Urli Bowl Vs. Copper Urli Bowl 

Brass is used for its aesthetic value, as it has a unique color and shines. Brass is strong, durable, easy to clean, and ideal for kitchens or bathrooms. On the other hand, copper is also solid but can be more expensive than brass! Both metals have different properties, making them excellent choices for an Urli bowl.

It's also straightforward to clean because it doesn't retain food particles or flavors like other metals might. In addition to being durable and non-toxic (which has never been doubted), copper has a long life expectancy if cared for properly.

brass Urli bowl

Decorative brass Urli bowl

At the beginning of this text, at the end of the section "What is the Urli Bowl?" We said that the Urli bowl has a decorative aspect. Decorative brass Urli bowls can be placed on the coffee table, kitchen counter, and console.

In this regard, we can introduce you to something similar to Urli Bowl. Iranian handmade dishes, which are very popular in America and Canada, such as Decorative Bowls, have a very similar appearance and functionality, too, Urli Bowls. In the picture below, you can see one of its Iranian examples.

decorative brass Urli bowl

Urli bowl Set

The Urli bowl set usually come in the same shape in different sizes. It also comes with a plate or spoon. The Urli Bowl Set is mainly used as a stylish decoration and, in some cases, for serving food such as soup and watery dishes.

The picture below shows a beautiful Orly bowl decoration set made of copper and turquoise. Click here to order this custom-made item and see other handcrafts made by Persian masters.

Urli bowl set

How to Place an Urli Pot at Home?

Many people need help determining where to place the Urli bowl at home. Keeping the Urli in the right place is very important to get the maximum benefits. It's better to keep the Urli bowl on the right side of the entrance or in the centre of the living room or hall. In the living room, make sure Urli is not kept in the southeast corner.

It is preferable to place it in your home or office's northeast corner. It can be positioned on the table or the floor.

Keeping the Urli filled with water and fresh flowers near the house's front door or business office is considered auspicious and would help us clear the negative energy that can accumulate there. This keeps terrible vibrations out of your house.

To get the most out of the Urli bowl, make sure you put it in the right spot. It should be kept in a visible area. When we view it, our minds are frequently relaxed.

Adding raw camphor powder to the Urli bowl will give it a wonderful smell that repels insects and mosquitoes.

Any flowers can be added to the Urli, but we prefer yellow flowers because they are more potent in removing negative energies.

As we have said, Urli is an appealing Vastu element in your house or office that adds to the decor and, when properly placed, will promote inner peace, success, and prosperity.

urli bowl with stand

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