Decorative candles are one of the most attractive accessories for your home and workplace. Additionally to providing light and warmth, decorative candles can enhance the overall aesthetic of a room.

If you want to have a unique decoration style with candles, it is essential to understand the various types of decorative candles and how to choose them. 

In the following guide by CyrusCrafts, we help you to choose the candle that is perfect for you or your loved ones.

beautiful decorative candles

Type of decorative candles

Suppose you're looking for an affordable way to transform the ambiance of your home's interior and add a touch of elegance to the different parts of the home, such as the kitchen, living room, bathroom, library, or other living spaces. In that case, the diverse range of decorative candle designs is worth exploring.

type of decorative candles

Decorative scented candles

One of the best-selling types of decorative candles is its scented model. Decorative scented candles make the atmosphere and events memorable and unique. When you want to buy scented candles, you should consider the taste and the preferences of other people too, so in that case, the candle's scent is enjoyable for everyone.

  • Candles with lavender, eucalyptus, chamomile, and sandalwood are relaxing. They are a good option for the bathroom or bedroom.
  • Candles with the scent of citrus, ginger, rosemary, peppermint, and cinnamon can be described as soul-giving, and we recommend them, for example, for receptions and corridors;
  • Romantic candles usually have the predominant scent of fragrant flowers such as roses, violets, and jasmine and are suitable for couples.
  • Scented candles, such as white geraniums, are full of fresh feelings and can be suitable for spaces like the dressing room.
  • We recommend rose, patchouli, vetiver, vanilla, and ylang-ylang scented candles for bedside and master bathroom decorations.

Of course, the choice of scent when buying a scented candle is entirely a matter of taste. Still, generally, relaxing scents are better for relaxing spaces. At the same time, we recommend more energizing scents for active spaces.

decorative scented candles

Decorative pillar candles 

Decorative pillar candles are chunky, thick, and molded with hard wax, so they can be used without support. If you don't use these types of decorative candles inside common candle holders, such as lantern candlesticks, you can use them on heatproof decorative plates. 

Decorative pillar candles are best turned off when the melted wax pool reaches the edges to avoid dripping. Decorative pillar candles are usually cylindrical but can be square or sometimes even triangular.

If you want to use candles for decoration in a grand and important event, you can order the classic column model for the dining table. This beautiful decorative candle is placed in a silver or golden candle holder and should be used in traditional or classical designs and decorations.

decorative pilar candles

Fancy decorative candles

We recommend buying fancy decorative candles for those interested in fancy decorations and unique designs or looking for decorative items for the bedroom. Also, these are lovely gifts for those we love.

fancy decorative candles

fancy decorative candles

Decorative taper Candles

Taper candles are narrow and tall, and sometimes the upper part is thinner than the bottom. If you're considering candlesticks, these candles would be a great match. They are commonly used on dining tables and have a traditional aesthetic appeal.

decorative tapper candles

Difference between Scented and Regular Decorative Candles

Scented candles don't differ from ordinary or non-scented candles in visual effects. The most important feature of these candles is the pleasant smell that spreads while creating light in the space.

Scented candles bring you a multi-sensory experience. Be careful about scented candles, which consist of three initial, middle, and base notes: 

  • The aroma that is felt immediately after lighting the candle is the result of the initial notes
  • Middle notes can be described as the core of scented candles
  • But the base notes are usually more dominant and emerge gradually

So, although scented candles can be beautiful and decorative, they are fragrant.

In decorative candles, the main focus of the candle maker is on creating visual beautification. As you can see, these are used to show off the arrangement, for example, on a decorative tray on the dining table or on the floors of the library and any other corner of the home or office that needs to show off.

decorative candles

beautiful decorative candles

How to Arrange Decorative Candles on the Table?

If you want to create a cozy decoration, decorative candles are a great option. Follow these 5 steps to create a beautiful candlestick display and learn how to arrange decorative candles on the table in the best way:

  • Begin with the largest candle holder in the center as the centerpiece.
  • Move forward with depth and balance by using shorter pieces, ensuring that nothing obstructs each other and that all pieces work together.
  • It's okay if you only have one tone of color. This single color can create unity, even if you experiment with different shapes and sizes. Brass pairs well with all colors, especially black, which adds a luxurious and dramatic touch.
  • For a dynamic look, mix materials and finishes. Leave 7 centimeters between each candle so they aren't too close.
  • Make it more personal by incorporating some of your favorite things, such as a vintage leaf. This method can be used with other colors and styles as well.

    arrange decorative candles

    Material of Decorative Candles

    Candles with soy wax are made from soybean oil and are considered natural and biodegradable candles from an environmental point of view. Soy wax candles are said to have a clean and long burn and burn more evenly than paraffin candles. Soy wax can also be easily scented, but candles with soy wax tend to be more pastel-colored than paraffin or beeswax candles. Candles with soy wax are limited to container types because soy wax is 100% softer than paraffin; Of course, we also have mixed soy wax (for example, the combination of soy wax with paraffin), which has a harder structure and burns cleaner than pure paraffin.

    beautiful decorative candles

    Choosing the Right Wick for Your Candle

    The type of wick is also an important issue that you should pay attention to when buying a candle. Cotton wicks seem to burn more evenly and slowly compared to wire wicks and smoke less. Wire wicks are wicks with a wire core; The core of wire wicks can be made of zinc or tin. We also have a wooden wick that makes a crackling sound when burning.

    The candle wick should be shortened from time to time so that it does not smoke and burns more cleanly. Extinguish the smoldering candle and light it again after shortening the wick.

    decorative candles on coffee table

    An Overview of Decorative Candles

    There is nothing like a candle to induce a sense of relaxation and create a romantic decoration. A candle beside the bed, bathtub, fireplace, birthday party table, and other celebrations of the year will give a wonderful feeling. We hope this information about decorative candles has been useful to you.

    Let us know your opinion so we can prepare more valuable products according to your preferences. Would you rather put the candle in a decorative tray or plate, or do you prefer to use these candles without any additional accessories?

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      First of all, I would like to thank you for the helpful information you provided about the decorative scented candles, and it was beneficial for me. I prefer to put candles on decorative plates on the coffee table. And using modern decorative trays for the bathroom.
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      Dear Nina, Candles' lifespan is primarily determined by the type of wax used and how they are stored. Some candles, such as paraffin, can last almost forever, depending on how they are stored. The best time to use other types of candles, such as soy candles, is within a year or two.

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