When choosing office flooring materials, it is essential to consider both form and function. Because each room has a different function, one flooring material likely won’t work for your whole office. What works in a lobby won’t necessarily work in your office kitchen.

Choose office flooring materials based on the function of each space, your design preferences, and your budget constraints.

office carpet flooring

If you’re considering carpet for your new office space, choosing the right product for your application is essential. Most carpets used in commercial applications are usually Nylon, Olefin, or Polypropylene and are constructed in the loop, cut pile (both broadloom), or carpet tile. Each of these fibers has its own advantages and disadvantages that can be used to help determine which type of carpet fits your needs.

This in-depth guide can help you make a decision! Stores, lobbies, and businesses all benefit from heavy-duty carpet durability and style that won't get matted down or worn-looking even after lots of use.

Please keep reading to learn about the different types of commercial-grade carpet, the pros and cons, how to install it, and much more.

What Is Commercial Carpet?

Commercial carpets are designed for heavy traffic, stain resistance, and ease of maintenance. They're typically Berber rugs, meaning the fibers looped through the carpet backing, making them less soft but more durable.

A commercially-rated carpet has a lower pile, meaning it is thinner. By doing this, the carpet can withstand wear and tear without matting or crushing.

Industrial carpet comes in various patterns and colors to fit your commercial space. They're perfect for retail entryways, commercial gyms, offices, grocery stores, airports, banks, and even your home!

When it comes to commercial carpets, pricing can run the gamut. Remember that unlike hard surface flooring, the carpet will take a beating and eventually show wear. When deciding how much you want to spend on a carpet, consider how long you plan to keep it.

It's worth spending more to get a product that will last, rather than saving money on something you'll have to replace sooner. So it’s essential to weigh the replacement cost against spending a higher amount up front.

The Durability of Commercial Carpets

The durability of commercial carpeting is one factor that makes it the better choice for many homeowners. This type of carpeting can last 10 years or more, whereas residential carpets may need to be replaced every 4-5 years.

office carpet flooring can last even longer in a home setting because it doesn't receive as much varied foot traffic as it's designed to receive in a building. Flat-weave carpeting may be a good choice for busy rooms in your home, like the living room or hallways.

an office flooring in Canada

Commercial Carpets Colors

Commercial carpets are usually used in office, academic, and formal environments and should remain in place for several years. During these several years, the interior decoration of the environment may undergo changes, but the carpet remains constant. For commercial carpets not to be cumbersome for interior designers to change occasional decorations, neutral colors are usually used for them. Although buying a green carpet may give a new spirit to an office environment and remove the coldness and dryness, it may become boring after a while.

Therefore, it seems more logical to use carpets with a neutral color. Grey rugs and cream carpets are the most popular colors of commercial carpets. You can also use dark and light-colored carpet tiles and create a checkered pattern in the flooring.

Is Commercial Carpet Cheaper?

Overall commercial carpeting is cheaper per square foot than residential carpeting. Commercial flooring is manufactured in such a way that it can be easily installed. Designed with durability in mind, commercial carpeting usually uses more affordable fibers, costing as low as $2 per square foot to install.

Of course, this was a comparison with other machine-woven carpets. Otherwise, it is impossible to compare the price and value of commercial carpets with authentic Iranian hand-woven carpets! Both in terms of effort, cost, and time it takes to weave a handmade carpet, in terms of material and color design, hand-woven carpets and commercial carpets are significantly different. Absolutely Handmade rugs are more expensive.

Maintenance of Commercial Carpets 

While you should get your carpets professionally cleaned once a year as part of your home's regular maintenance, you can expect commercial carpets to need far less upkeep than the residential, thicker carpeting you are used to. Vacuuming is easier for commercial flooring as the tight loops and durable materials harbor fewer hair and debris.

Another benefit to commercial carpeting is this: most materials used in creating the flooring are stain-resistant. This means easier cleanup in your home for you and newer and longer carpets.

Speak to your carpeting dealer about having carpet tiles installed in your home. Tiles can be easily replaced individually if they wear out or encounter a stubborn stain, allowing you to maintain your flooring longer without replacing whole sections at a time.

Now you know everything you need to find the perfect commercial carpet for your space. Whether you want something extra durable for your busy home or stylish flooring for your business, this durable carpet has got you covered.

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