Sheepskin rugs are natural, luxurious additions to any home. They are natural and do not cause allergies. They are also environmentally friendly and do not cause pollution. Also, these area rugs are very soft and eye-catching and have a wonderful touch. In the rest of this article, we will introduce you to these attractive carpets. 

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Is Buying Sheepskin Cruel?

Sheepskin rugs are a natural byproduct of the meat industry, just like cow hides. While sheep meat is processed for human consumption and animal feed, the skin is tanned and prepared for use as leather, or in this case, as a sheepskin rug.

Sheep aren't slaughtered specifically for their skin, so sheepskins are in no way unethical as a product (Just like cowhide rugs). By using sheepskins to make rugs, no part of the animal is wasted.

What's the Difference Between Sheepskin Rugs and Wool Rugs?

The wool used in regular wool rugs is usually much coarser and is processed down into very fine strands before being used in large rugs and carpets that usually adorn homes.

Companies and stores that create and produce excellent sheepskin rugs will only consider sheep that produce the finest, softest wool since sheepskins are much softer than other types of wool rugs.

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How to Clean Sheepskin Rugs?

We have already talked about how to clean rugs at home and how to wash carpets. But sheepskin rugs may have created a fear in you about washing and cleaning them, or you think that if you wash them, you will face a lot of wool shedding. But fortunately, this is not true. It is just better to follow a few steps so that your favorite carpet is not damaged:

  • Once a week, vacuum thoroughly using a plain suction unit (no fancy turbo or rotation units).
  • Take your rug outside regularly and shake it.
  • Spills and marks should be spot cleaned as soon as possible. Blot gently with a damp cloth.
  • Run it under cold water if spot cleaning doesn't remove a particular mark or spill.
  • Hold the dirty part of your sheepskin under a running cold tap for a minute or two.
  • Then use a towel (paper towels also work well) and press gently to soak up the remaining liquid.
  • Try standing on the towel and pressing gently with your feet if the wet area is quite large.

Is Sheepskin Washable?

The outer layers of sheepskin fibers are coated with lanolin, a waxy substance. Naturally occurring, lanolin makes the fibers slippery, making it harder for dust, dirt, and liquid to take hold and inhibiting the growth of allergens.

This results in a sheepskin rug that is resistant to soiling and easy to clean. It doesn't have to be washed as often as you think.

However, everyday life, parties, pets and children make you inevitably have to wash your carpets. In this case, there is no need to worry; sheepskin can be washed. In the following, we review the methods and tips related to it.

Can the Sheepskin Rug Be Washed with a Washing Machine?

Machine washing is quick and efficient, but it comes with certain risks. It should be your last choice after exhausting all other options. Because the sheepskin fibres themselves will look splendid, but the backing will not.

The backing of sheepskin rugs is either leather pelts or suede. If your rug has a suede backing, then dry clean only. You definitely want to avoid putting suede through the washing machine.

If your rug has a leather pelt backing, you can technically machine wash it. BUT! It is important to note that after being fully submerged in water, the backing may harden and lose its original shape (sometimes called 'boarding'). It may never look the same as before you washed it.


Sheepskin Rug Maintenance

One of the main features of these carpets is their durability. If you take good care of sheepskin, it can last for years without rotting, tearing or shedding.

The first principle of sheepskin rug maintenance is to avoid sunlight. Do not place your carpet in direct sunlight because UV rays can damage its fibers or cause its colors to fade.

Vacuum weekly with a plain suction unit. No revolving/rotating/ turbo/ beater bar attachments. We don't want to damage the carpet. We just want to clean it.

If your carpet is dyed, it should only be dry-cleaned.

With substances like lanolin in it, wool constantly softens itself, so you don't have to worry about your sheep carpet getting rough.

Mother nature has given life to us, all animals, as well as plants. Some animals, such as cows and sheep, are in our food chain; we make dairy and meat from them. Sheepskin is also a part that is not thrown away after slaughtering for dairy and meat. Rather, it is mixed with art and makes decorative and beautiful carpets for our homes. These carpets are warm in winter and cool in summer, making the house's temperature pleasant and mild and having a soft and pleasant touch.

How about you? Have you ever used sheepskin rugs? Share your thoughts about this in the comment section.

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