Iranian rug Layering a rug on a carpet might seem like a strange practice to some. Area rugs are sometimes questioned as to whether they should be placed on the carpet. Actually, layering a rug on top of carpet is beneficial for many reasons. 

Learn how to layer Persian rugs on the carpet in your home. The technique may only work in some rooms, but it's a great way to extend the life of your carpet, cover stains and unsightly areas, and buy you more time before you upgrade your flooring.

When placing a rug over a carpet, the rug's textures must differ from the carpet's. We recommend styling a thick, plush carpet with a woven or low-pile rug. This way, you're creating a contrast. On the other hand, you can add texture to a short-pile carpet by placing a thick and shaggy rug over it.

rug on top of carpet

The Difference Between the Texture of the Rug and the Carpet

When placing a rug over a carpet, the rug's textures must differ from the carpet's. We recommend styling a thick, plush carpet with a woven or low-pile rug. This way, you're creating a contrast. On the other hand, you can add texture to a short-pile carpet by placing a thick and shaggy rug over it. Spreading a rug on a carpet with the same material is not only unprincipled and beautiful but also reminiscent of carpet shops.

The Difference Between the Color of the Rug and the Carpet

The advantage of using neutral carpets is that they make the bold and thick colors of the area rug more visible. Modern rugs with bold colors are a great statement as long as they don't clash with your existing rug or the rest of your room – this could be a busy nightmare that you will want to avoid.

For example, you can spread a patterned Iranian rug on a simple neutral carpet and be sure that this will make your oriental carpet look more beautiful.

Whether you use oriental carpets or colorful modern carpets completely depends on the environment's decoration and your taste.

rug over carpet

Avoid Mixing Patterns of the Rug and Carpet!

No one wants to be dizzy! The house's atmosphere should be relaxing, and two floorings with complicated patterns on each other are not what we are looking for! So it will be a duel to choose between patterned carpet and simple rug or simple carpet and patterned rug.

layering rugs

What Size Should the Rug on Top of the Carpet be?

In a large room with wall-to-wall carpeting, you don't want a small rug floating around like a lifeboat. When adding a rug to a room, choosing a rug size that "fits" the space is essential. This is true wherever you use a rug, not just when you use a rug over a carpet. 

We have prepared guides for choosing the size of a king bed rug and a queen bed rug size guide that you can use, and we talked about the importance of the size of carpets in bedrooms.

If you use a rug to protect the carpet in a high-traffic area like a hallway, it still needs to fit the space. Leave a few inches of space between the Rug and baseboards. And remember to use a rug pad underneath. 

For a medium-sized living room, using an 8 x 10 rug below and a 6 x 9 or smaller rug on top is appropriate.

 area rug over carpet

Anchore the Rug on the Carpet

Safety cannot be stressed enough, which is why rugs need to be anchored in some way. When using a rug on a carpet, the carpet's material needs to be firm enough to support the rug. The materials should not be used together if they do not complement one another.

Anchoring an area rug on the carpet under the legs of a table or other furniture accomplishes two goals: safety and style. The rug should be the right size for the room it is in, and anchoring like this should not be a problem.

If you don't anchor your rug under a table or the legs of furniture, the corners may lift off and wear out faster. Using a rug pad in any situation is always a good idea, as it prevents damage to whatever is underneath the rug and ensures that the rug does not slip around.

Now that you know why people in Canada use a rug on a carpet, it is time for you to choose the right one for your space. Consider the tips above when choosing a rug, but it is also important to pick the rug you think is best.

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