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Golestan rice is famous for its diverse and unique products, including authentic Iranian rice. This brand prepares the best type of rice in the world—which comes with state-of-the-art technology, and delivers it to customers.

Iranian rice is the most prime in the world. Tarem and Hashemi are the two most popular rice brands in the country. Tarem and Hashemi rice is grown in the best rice fields in the province of Iran, and after its quality is tested in Golestan laboratories, it is packed and sold. The smell and taste of Golestan rice are not comparable with those of other rice.

Golestan Iranian rice

Golestan Rice

Since its foundation, this brand has been dedicated to producing reliable and premium food products. With more than 71 years of history, the Golestan brand is one of Iran's largest rice-exporting companies. Founded in Iran in 1950, Golestan began operations by blending, packing and selling teas. But after some time, it started its activity in Iranian rice production and exports. In the same period, the Golestan company scrapped its traditional method and adopted a new one based on the most up-to-date technologies. In 2000, Golestan started its activity in exporting first-grade Iranian rice

Golestan is the best option for Persian rice. It has a very aromatic rice variety with long grains and is ideal for traditional Persian dishes such as Kateh, Dami or Polow. So by buying Golestan rice, you can stop worrying about the taste of your food and enjoy it without fear. 

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