price of rice Ta-1360
Persian rice Ta-1360
Persian rice recipe Ta-1360
price of rice Ta-1360
Persian rice Ta-1360
Persian rice recipe Ta-1360

Golestan Persian Rice Ta-1360| 1 kg

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Produced in Iran 

Rice type: Tarem rice

Calories: 130 Cal per 100 gr

In the package of 1 kg (2.2 pounds)


Chefs who are skilled and professional always use high-quality ingredients. Among the raw materials, rice is essential for its quality. The taste of food is also enhanced by good rice. Foods with Tarem rice have a memorable taste and aroma. Golestan Persian Rice Ta-1360 comes in 4.5 kg bags and contains 91.5 grams of carbohydrates per 100 grams, the body's primary energy source. Healthy Tarem Golestan rice contains 7.6 grams of protein, 0.3 grams of fat, 364 kcal of energy, and 3.589 mg of niacin.

About Golestan Persian Rice Ta-1360

Thousands of years ago, Iranian rice was one of the oldest crops cultivated in Iran. Aside from its delicious taste and aroma, Iranian rice is one of the best and highest qualities in the world. Tarem rice's best features are its good taste and excellent cooking. It is one of the best rice produced in the north of Iran.

Tarom rice is one of the many types of Iranian rice cultivated in different varieties. The aroma and taste are more intense in some Tarom cultivars than they are for Hashemi.

We Iranians, wherever we are in the world, remember the taste and aroma of Iranian rice as soon as we set eyes on it. The rice cultivated in Iran has a distinct aroma; when cooked, it permeates rooms with its fragrance. Rice is the most important crop in the world; humanity relies on this grain for food. Around half the world's population relies on rice as a staple food. Persian rice is one of the best types in terms of quality and flavor. However, this may not be readily apparent to outsiders who have never tried it. Still, you should know that people familiar with northern Iranian cuisine consider its long-grain rice among the finest in all the world! Cyruscrafts is the largest website that sells Iranian food

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