"Enthusiastic Eyes" Saadi Shirazi poetry calligraphy Wall Art
"Enthusiastic Eyes" Saadi Shirazi poetry calligraphy Full View
"Enthusiastic Eyes" Saadi Shirazi poetry calligraphy Wall Art
"Enthusiastic Eyes" Saadi Shirazi poetry calligraphy Full View

Calligraphy of "Enthusiastic Eyes" Poetry of Sa'adi Shirazi

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PCS: 1

Technique: Ink

Artist: Keykhusru Khuroosh

Dimensions: 16 x 28 (cm)      0' 5 x 0' 9 (ft)

Origin: Persian

Foundation/Material: Ink on the Paper

Copies: 0

"Enthusiastic Eyes" Saadi Shirazi poetry calligraphy

Calligraphy of "enthusiastic eyes" poetry painting of "Saadi Shirazi" is one of the famous works of Keykhosrow, decorated with gold and blue colors and beautiful pink and orange flowers. The technique used in this work is ink and the written poem is also one of the famous Iranian poems by Saadi Shirazi.

Persian script, due to the continuity of letters in words, has created Iranian artistic calligraphy elongations and made it one of the most beautiful calligraphy examples in the world.

The use of calligraphy in-home and workplace decoration can create special and beautiful changes in the space.

Even if your home decoration is modern, you can give it special changes by choosing the right calligraphy works, but if you have chosen a classic style for your home, Using them is great for you.

Calligraphy inks!

Cretacolor Calligraphy Inks are traditional, deep black China ink specifically designed for calligraphy using a brush or dip pens. It is lightfast and waterproof, drying to a slightly shiny, permanently brilliant finish.

"Enthusiastic Eyes" Saadi Shirazi poetry calligraphy (Description)

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0' 5 x 0' 9 (ft)
16 x 28 (cm)
Material AG
Home Decoration
1 Reviews

I'm amazed
Arabic or Persian calligraphies are both artistic practices of handwriting and now even my children are digging through history and learning other languages, thanks to you guys.

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