Black Wood Chandelier ID-1134

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Body Material: Wood and Iron alloy

Number of Flames: 10

Color: Iron Grey

Weight: 7700 gr

Height: 90 cm

Diameter: 80 cm


This product is a neoclassical ten-flame wooden and iron alloy luster. This cluster isn't so splendid, but as there are many artistic woodcarvings and moldings on its body frame, it is a luxe chandelier. You can use it as a dining room, living room chandelier, or bedroom chandelier.

This chandelier contains two parts: the wooden part and the metal part. Here in this article, we want to briefly discuss these two parts' details.

The details of the neoclassical woodcarving iron-grey chandelier

  • The wooden part: The central part of the chandelier's body is wooden. The Iranian woodcarving specialists have carved some simple floral patterns on the raw wood. In addition to the medial part of the body, the flames are wooden too. The flames are designed with simple round lines. The woods of this product are raw, and they do not have any chemical color on them. These natural, uncolored wooden particles have made the chandelier's appearance so lovely.
  • The metal part: We used an iron alloy to make this product. This alloy is so durable and rugged. The color of the metals of this chandelier is iron-grey -something between black and dark grey. Some floral moldings on the metallic parts have made them so beautiful.

Now that you know the properties of the neoclassical wooden carved metal chandelier, you can order it from around the world from the Cyruscrafts team. We will deliver at the fastest time and the best price ever. It would make your interior design perfect.

90*80 cm
Metal / Wood
7700 gr
Indoor lighting
1 Reviews

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By Dan on 06/17/2022

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