Antique light fountain Chandelier
Antique 12 branches crystal Chandelier
Antique light fountain Chandelier
Antique 12 branches crystal Chandelier

Antique Crystal Chandelier For Living Room ID-235

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Body Material: Brass

Color: Antique

Number of flames: 12

Weight: 13650 gr

Application: Bedroom, hallway, interiors, hall, and reception.

Type of lamp: E14

Height: 30.70 in

Length: 27.5 in

Width: 27.5 in

Completely Washable


Luxury Antique Crystal Chandelier ID-235

You can use this luxe brass chandelier Antique model in ceremonial halls, reception rooms, or wherever you need splendor.
Installing this bronze chandelier in bedrooms and kitchens is not recommended. This chandelier is a special item for improving your house decoration.
In designing this model, the utmost elegance is used, which is why this model is suitable for small rooms with ordinary decoration.
But to make the most of this chandelier, you can use candlesticks, wall sconces, fruit dishes, or even bronze sculptures in your home layout. It is very easy to install. Once you have it done, you can start to enjoy the romantic and cozy feeling. 

Features of Luxury Brass and Crystal Chandelier

This chandelier is made of high-quality, bright, shining, and clear crystals. The metal particles' material is brass. The arms are bent to form graceful curves. The color of the crystal particles is a transparent gold that is known as the golden shadow, and the color of the brass parts is antique.

This luxe brass living room chandelier is only one of our Persian handmade products. You could see the other goods of the CyrusCrafts on the website and order from anyone online. Please don't forget to leave your lovely messages in the Review section for us.

30.70*27.5*27.5 in
13650 gr
Bedroom, hallway, interiors, hall and reception.
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