Handmade Modern Engraving Vase HC-1333

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Unique Copper modern engraving vase

Size: 25 * 7 CM

Material: High-Quality Copper

Technique: Modern Engraving 

Usage: Decorative | Home | Home Office

The art of modern engraving is one of the branches of the art of  hand engraving. Toreutics means creating delicate and beautiful patterns on metals and wood. This art and craft is done by creating protrusions and depressions of the artists and using special tools.

Copper is a metal with high heat resistance to heat and heat. At the same time, it is soft and malleable, which is why it is used in producing modern engraving vase.
handmade modern engraving vase made of copper

Material and size of modern engraving vase

CyrusCrafts handicrafts produce the "explicit modern engraving vase" made of copper and with artistic engraving by engraving masters.

The height of the this product is 25 cm and the diameter of its opening is 7 cm.

Usages of modern engraving pot

"Diamond Clear Vase" is one of the most popular and best-selling handicraft products among diamond cutting products.

You can place this vase in pairs next to the mirror or on the console and enjoy its beauty and spectacle. You can even use it to add variety to your workplace décor.

Who to maintain hand engraving pot?

If you want the "clear modern engraving pot" to maintain its transparency and shine for a longer time and the copper color does not tend to fade. Observe the following:

  • Do not place the product in a humid environment.
  • Avoid washing this product with acidic detergent and rough scotch.
  • Do not store this handmade product for long periods in direct sunlight.
  • The best way to clean the "pot" is a dry or a nano cloth.

You need to know that:

This handicraft diamond cutting products are entirely handmade. For this reason, there may be a difference in the height of up to 3 cm between products.

By ordering a "handmade modern engraving vase HC-1333" from CyrusCrafts online store, you can receive it in the shortest possible time by sending it free of charge to the desired address.

25 * 7 CM
Decorative | Home | Home Office
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