Highly Unusual Hand-Painted Minakari Mug/Cup HC-865

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Brand: Cyruscrafts

Color: Vary

Material: Ceramic

Capacity: 16 Oz, 470 ml

Theme: Minakari, Meenakari

Height: 11 cm

Diameter: 7 cm

Application: Suitable for both hot and cold drinks

It is one of the original Iranian arts to paint on ceramics with the Minakari/Meenakari technique. Combining the art of pottery with the Minakari can result in such a unique product as you are witnessing. The Minakari HC-865 mug has both decorative and functional aspects.

Hand-painted Enamel Mug/Cup “Minakari Mug HC-865”

Minakari handmade Mug HC-865 is a ceramic container crafted with precision and elegance. Its unique design is beyond remarkable. It is a high-temperature ceramic vessel and it is at once a beautiful constant companion for you.

The Minakari arts of this kind are made exclusively from ceramic, and each of them is entirely handmade and absolutely different from another. The fact that it takes hours for each one to be created, just so they can be presented to you in the most beautiful and elegant way makes it double loveable.

Having a ceramic mug like this at home or at the office is highly recommended. It tastes much better when you drink it in a mug created with a beautiful, hand-crafted design that has been labored over for hours.

persian absolutely unique hand-painted minakari mug

“Minakari Mug HC-865” Minakari Art on Ceramic in Full

The Minakari on ceramic is a bit different than the Minakari on copper. Meenakari is a long-standing technique that has been used on ceramic for centuries. The technique is primarily used on ornaments and decorative objects. In addition to serving both decorative and functional purposes, this product is beautiful and eye-catching as it is comfortable in hand. With its unique beauty and elegance, Minakari Mug HC-865 is a work of art created by Yazdi artists.
The beauty of Persian handicrafts is their uniqueness and none of the two works are exactly alike. This beautiful design has different models of mugs and cups that will be presented to you over time.

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7 cm
Both Decorative and Functional
1 Reviews

Very Good
Hand-painted Minakari mug/cup is entirely perfect. I use it in my office room to drink coffee in the morning. The tiny flowers are painted expertly.

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