tea set minakari
tea tray minakari
tea service set pottery
tea service set minakari
tea set pottery
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tea set minakari
tea tray minakari
tea service set pottery
tea service set minakari
tea set pottery

Tea Service Set with Minakari Design HC-1669

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Material: Pottery Clay

Color: Multicolor

Cup Height: 7 cm

Causer Diameter: 10 cm

Tea Pot Height: 17 cm

Warmer Height: 13 cm

Sugar Bowl Height: 12 cm

Tea Tray Diameter: 35 cm

Dishwasher Safe

100% Handmade

Includes: 6 Tea Cups, 6 Saucers, a Sugar Pot, a Tea Pot, a Warmer, and a Tea Tray

And you can order more of each item.

Each Item Is One of a Kind.


Here is a unique handmade tea service set that is fully designed with Minakari (the Iranian art of enameling) in tiny details. This product is a perfect option for you if you are searching for a tea set with ornamental applications in addition to being practical.

tea set minakari pottery

Tea Service Set HC-1669 Design Details and Applications

As you can see in the product's pictures, the Minakari tea set retains many tiny details. Here is a brief review of the set's items, usages, Minakari details of design, and the process of production:

  • Tea Set Items: The product contains a tray, a teapot with a warmer holder, six tea cups and causers set, and a sugar pot.
  • Applications: It is not only for serving tea and coffee but also an outstanding table centerpiece. Moreover, it is an intelligent gift or souvenir of Eastern countries.
  • Design: The details are miniature colorful patterns, most of which are floral, and all are done by hand. It is a Persian enamel named Minakari, done on pottery tableware by hand.
  • Production Process: The artisan creates potteries and bakes them in the kiln, then paints them, bakes them again, glazes them, and bakes them for the third and last time. This way, the dishes get dishwasher safe and ready to last for a long time.

It was all the needed information about the HC-1669 cup and saucer set. Now you can shop for it fully informed. Please visit our other products on the website. CyrusCrafts presents Asian handmade products at the best prices by shipping them worldwide. We deliver your orders right to your address after calculating the shipping cost according to the country in which you reside. The delivery process is quick for the Middle East, the USA, and Canada residents because of our colleagues and offices located there.

Persian Blue
Tea Serving Set
Minakari (Enamel)
1 Reviews

It is a fantastic tea serving set.
By Angel on 11/23/2023

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