Inlaid wood candy box of handmade HC-1442
Handmade inlaid wooden candy box HC-1442
Inlaid wood lid candy box HC-1442
Inlaid wood candy box of handmade HC-1442
Handmade inlaid wooden candy box HC-1442
Inlaid wood lid candy box HC-1442

Inlaid Wood Candy Box Of Handmade HC-1442

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Handicraft Lid Candy Bowl

Material: Wood

Technique: Inlaid


  • Hight: 8 CM
  • Width: 25 CM

Weight: 800 Grams

Product: Persian Handicraft

Usage: Decorative | Candy Box | Nut Bowl 


Inlaid wood candy box of handmade HC-1442 is another functional-decorative product of CyrusCrafts group. One of the original Iranian arts with a high artistic value is the art of inlaying. Khatamkari art is one of the important  handmade arts of Isfahan and Shiraz. Inlaying is the art of cutting wood or different objects in different sizes and shapes.

The master craftsman first cuts the raw materials such as wood or bone and sometimes metal into different small shapes and then puts them together using wood glue.
Inlaid wood candy box of handmade

Specifications of inlaid wood candy box HC-1442

This exquisite and lovely inlaid wood candy box is produced in the size of 8 x 25 cm and has a body made of wood and inlay. This candy box is at an octagonal angle. The attractive and creative combination of the designs and colors of wooden pieces and inlay together has created this product's beautiful and impressive effect. As you can see in the picture, on the edges of this candy bowl, there are small designs with inlay art that cover the edges of this bar. On the lid of this candy box, a flower-like design has been embedded using Khatam designs, which has contributed significantly to the beauty of this product.

Seven layers of high-quality anti-moisture and anti-scratch polyester are used on the body of this product, which also ensures the stability of the color, resistance, and beauty of the final product.

Usage Of Khatam kari Candy Bowl HC-1442

You can use this lovely Khatam Kaeri candy bowl at your parties and gatherings as a practical tool. Due to its design, this product is also suitable for decoration. You can also give this beautiful product a valuable and exquisite gift to your friends and loved ones.

You can see other models, sizes, and designs in the inlay products section.

Hight: 8 CM | Width: 25 CM
800 Grams
Tan Brown
Decorative | Candy Box | Nut Bowl
KhatamKari (Wood Inlay)
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