black wooden carved sofa
black wooden carved sofa set
black wooden carved armchair
black wooden carved chair
black wooden carved sofa chairs
black wooden carved sofa
black wooden carved sofa set
black wooden carved armchair
black wooden carved chair
black wooden carved sofa chairs

Wooden Black Sofa Set ID-1001

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Body Material: Beech Wood

Clothing material: Velvet

Filling material: 13 Foam

Body color: Optional (Golden, Brown)

Clothing color: Optional (White, Black, Beige, Brown)

Total Seater number: 9-seater 


includes: 1 sofa, 4 armchairs, and 2 chairs

Easy to clean


The set contains a sofa, four armchairs, and two host chairs. The body material of this product is strong Beechwood that Monabat artists have carved finely. The textile is two-layer velvet with relief designs.
wooden carved sofa set - whole

What type of wood is best for a sofa

Have you ever thought about your upholsteries wood quality? Was it important to you when you were purchasing your sofa set? Stay with us if you want to know about proper woods for upholstery.

There are many plant species all around the world, But only a few numbers of them are suitable for making a sofa. Now we want to introduce the most used woods in sofa manufacturing.

  • Beech Wood: Beechwood is one of the most popular types of wood in the furniture industry. Beechwood has very desirable features making it proper for upholsteries. Flexibility for design, durability for use for long times, shock-absorbing to avoid breaking easily, odorless and efficient price is some Beechwood advantages.
  • Walnut Wood: One of the most resistant and durable types of wood is walnut wood. Walnut absorbs shock and beechwood, making it easy to carve and design. Moreover, Walnut woods have attractive wood grains. Walnut wood furniture has been popular from the past until now.
  • Teak: Teak is durable, resistant to wear and tear, and fire-resistant, making it one of the best raw furniture materials. But it is so expensive that many people can't afford it.
  • Maple: As maple is one of the strongest woods, interior designers use it in different parts of homes. Although maple is mainly used for floors, many furniture manufacturers still use it for sofas.
  • Russian Wood: It would be interesting that Russian wood is white wood from different Russian trees. These trees have similar features; Most Russian woods come from Pine, Fir, and Oak trees. These trees are fast-growing, and their woods are soft and white.

Many other kinds of woods are being used to produce furniture, and what has been introduced is only some of them. You can be sure that the Cyruscrafts team uses the best materials with the highest quality suitable for each product.

Seater Number
9 Seater
Frame Material
1 Reviews

amazing design
By Loo on 05/29/2022

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