blue wooden carved sofa
Cinereous wooden sofa set
Biscotti carved wooden sofa
Biscotti carved wooden armchair
blue wooden carved sofa
Cinereous wooden sofa set
Biscotti carved wooden sofa
Biscotti carved wooden armchair

Wooden Sofa Set with Top Quality ID-988

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Body material: Beechwood

Clothing material: Nano textile

Filling material: Polyurethane

Body color: Optional (White and Brown)

Clothing color: Optional (Biscotti, Blue, Cinereous) 

Total Seater number: 7-seater 


includes: 2 sofas, and 2 armchairs

Completely washable


Our Monabat artists have carved the best quality beechwood to design this luxury sofa set. As usual, the inner coil of the sofas is the most stable, and the filling material is polyurethane. The clothing textile is a Nanotechnology textile that assures you a long-lasting life.

Cinereous carved wooden sofa set

What is a Nano textile?

Generally, Nanotechnology is a modern technology in that scientists make things with its help. Nanotechnology means we manufacture products based on nanoscale particles. In other words, if a textile's texture, for example, is woven with nanoscale fibers, we could call it a Nano textile.

What is the benefit of making things with Nanotechnology

  • Firmness: The Nano textiles are so firm that they won't change in appearance for a long-time usage.
  • Longevity: This kind of texture has a long life. If someday you decide to change your home decor and replace your Nano textile sofa, we promise that your decision is because you are tired of their fixed appearance, not because they are broken.
  • Waterproof: The knowledge-based companies wove Nano textiles with the fibers coming together with nanometer spaces. So no water molecule could pass through this space. Tath's why we say that Nano textures are waterproof.
  • Easy to clean: As it's been told in the previous paragraph, Nanoscale woven textiles don't let many particles inside their texture, so you can be sure that they won't be dirty soon. But if someday the clothing textile got polluted anyway, It is easy to clean it.
  • Color permanence: One of the other great features of Nano textiles is their color stability and changelessness that they stay with the first-day quality for a long time.

What you read above were just some of Nano textile's privileges. You can order one Nano textile clothed sofa from Cyruscrafts to touch the other features yourself.

Seater Number
7 seater
Frame Material
Nano Textile
1 Reviews

such a luxury sofa
By Nathan on 05/29/2022

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