Van Yakad Hand-Made Calligraphy Carpet| Wall Decoration
Hand-Woven Calligraphy Carpet "Van Yakad"  AG-240
Van Yakad Hand-Made Calligraphy Carpet| Wall Decoration
Hand-Woven Calligraphy Carpet "Van Yakad"  AG-240

Hand-Woven Calligraphy Carpet "Van Yakad"

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Size: 49 x 68 (cm)      1' 6 x 2' 2 (ft)

Border Size: 75 x 94 (cm)      2' 4 x 3' 0 (ft)

Origin: Persian, Qom

Foundation/Material: Silk

Border Material: PVC

Weave: 100% Hand Woven


Van'Yakad Hand-woven Calligraphy Tableau Rug

The Pictorial Carpet (Tableau Rug) of Van'Yakad (Arabic: آیة وإن یکاد) refers to verses 51 and 52 of the Qur'an (Sura al-Qalam). It is known as the Verse of Evil Eye. Many people install a board containing this verse in their workplaces, homes, or other places to make themselves immune to evil eyes. The verse implies that unbelievers sought to hurt the Prophet(s) with evil eyes after hearing the Qur'an. This verse is also one of the most commonly used Quranic verses in the ordinary lives of Iranians. Many people in Iran use it as protection against evil eyes.

This verse is written completely and installed in home entrances to protect evil eyes. Using this verse as a decorative board on the entrance of houses is very common. According to some statistics, this is the most commonly used verse on the door of houses in Iran.

This exquisite Iranian pictorial carpet (tableau rug), with its color scheme, beautiful script, and elegance of its warp and woof, can positively affect the decoration.

van yakad pictorial rug

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49 x 68 (cm) | 1' 6 x 2' 2 (ft)
8 Kg
Persian, Qom
Knot Density (Raj / KPSI)
1 Reviews

Ok I'm a Persian living in LA for about 10 years now, I embrace everything that reminds me of home, tysm
And oh, the price is pretty awesome
By Ali Taherian on 12/06/2021

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