Orazan raw organic honey Ta-508
Orazan raw honey Ta-508
Orazan raw organic honey Ta-508
Orazan raw honey Ta-508

Orazan Organic Plant Honey Ta-508| 1 kg pack

delivery in 8 to 15 days

Produced in Iran

Organic honey

Pure raw

In package of 1 kg (35.27 ounce)

Orazan organic plant honey Ta-508 detail

Orazan Organic Plant Honey Ta-508 is honey that the beekeeper does not use pesticides, chemicals, etc and it is a quality product. Beekeepers do not give any nutrients to bees to increase the amount produced. The apiary is also far from farms and orchards, and bees have no access to pesticides.

Honey has thousands of benefits for the body, and if we want to make the slightest reference to it, that by consuming honey, you can regulate your high blood pressure; Provided that you continue to consume quality honey.

Some properties of Orazan Organic Plant Honey Ta-508

Honey contains a variety of proteins and organic acids such as formic acid and chlorophyll derivatives and some enzymes and aromatic aromas. In addition to its healing properties, honey is also useful for the beauty of our skin and can be used daily. Honey contains vitamin E and many minerals that, in addition to being energizing, are soothing. To get all these properties, the best honey to buy is Orazan Organic Honey

organic orazan honey Ta-508

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13 × 9 × 5 cm
1 kg pack (35.27 ounce)
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