copper tea set
copper tea service set
copper tea cup
copper sugar pot
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copper tea set
copper tea service set
copper tea cup
copper sugar pot

Copper Tea Serving Set HC-1670

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Material: Copper

Color: Multicolor

Cup Height: 12 cm

Sugar Bowl Height: 10 cm

Tea Tray Dimensions: 34*53 cm

Dishwasher Safe

100% Handmade

Includes: 6 Tea Cups, 6 Teaspoons, a Sugar Pot, and a Tea Tray

And you can order more of each item.

Each Item Is One of a Kind.


Tea serving sets are trendy table centerpieces and serving dishes that, among all various types of them, copper ones are more popular, especially if it is a handmade copper tea set. So, the copper tea serving set HC-1670 is what you were searching for.

copper tea serving set

Copper Tea Serving Set Attributes

Here, in front of you, there is a handmade copper tea serving set that an artisan has crafted all its items by hand. This product retains some unique properties and attributes that are briefly reviewed in the following:

  • Basic Layout: Basically, the engraving artisans create the tea tray, candy bowl, and teacup form out of copper. Then, the basic layout is ready to be painted.
  • Painting Design: Persian miniature painting artists draw fantastic patterns in tiny scales on copper structures and then paint them with special color paints.
  • Items of the Tea Set: This Gorgeous tea service set includes a Tray, six tea cups, six teaspoons, and a sugar pot, all of which are hand-painted.

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