Traditional Oil Lamp
Turquoise Oil Lamp
Traditional Oil Lamp
Turquoise Oil Lamp

Traditional Blue Turquoise Oil Lamp HC-739

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Traditional Turquoise Oil Lamp

Size: 15.74 * 9.84 inch (40 * 25 cm)

Weight: 440 gr

Material: Copper

Usage: Home / Home-office / office Decorative


Turquoise is one of the well-known artworks in Iran. This artwork is the art of putting small turquoise stones on a metal dish.

Buy Traditional Blue Turquoise Oil Lamp HC–739

Turquoise is one of the original and ancient Iranian arts that has many interested people around the world. As Isfahan is famous for its handicraft workshops, turquoise workshops have a good reputation. Professional masters who make this piece of work do not only think about the production of a dish, they mix their emotions and skills to have a memorable artwork. The less the distance between the stones, the higher is the value of this artwork. The price of turquoise in Isfahan is calculated based on the quality of materials and the amount of time spent to make it. The price of this handicraft in comparison to the time and cost spent on it is very cheap. An oil lamp is a lamp whose fuel is oil and includes a tube and a cap. This lamp has been used in the past, the wick of this type of lamp is ignited by being soaked in oil and creates light in the glass chamber. You can simply buy a variety of products made of this art from our website and receive it at your address in the shortest possible time. You can give this decorative dish to your loved ones as an exquisite gift.

decorative handicraft

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15.74 * 9.84 inch (40 * 25 cm)
440 gr
Turquoise Inlay
1 Reviews

I only saw this beautiful oil lamp on your website and on Amazon. However, the lamps that Amazon had didn't suit my taste. That's why I bought it from you and now I am very satisfied. The light is beautiful and very well made. Thanks a lot!
By John on 11/08/2021

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