decorative pot made from copper
decorative pot HC-1364
decorative pot made from copper
decorative pot HC-1364

Decorative Pot Modern Engraving HC-1364

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Decorative Pot Modern Engraving Made From Copper By Hand

Size: 25 CM

Material: Copper

Technique: Modern Engraving

Usage: Pot & Vase | Decorative | Home


Decorative pot HC-1364 made by engraving technique. In addition to hand engraving, modern engraving is one of its branches. An artistic technique of creating delicate and beautiful patterns on metals or wood is called toreutics. In this art and craft, artists use special tools to create protrusions and depressions. Metals such as copper are highly heat resistant. A decorative pot made from this material is ideal for engraving since it is soft and malleable.
Decorative pots and vases made from copper by modern engraving technique

Decorative Pot HC-1364 price and size

Handmade by engraving masters, Cyrus Crafts produces an "decorative vase" made of copper. Approximately 25 cm high is the dimension of this product.

The price of a 25 cm copper vase is determined according to the following:

  • size
  • The elegance of the design
  • The amount of copper used
  • Design (some models need more details)
  • Time is taken to build

Using handicraft products together can better affect your desired decoration arrangement. You can place this vase in pairs next to the mirror or on the console and enjoy its beauty and spectacle. You can even use it to add variety to your workplace décor.

Maintain the hand engraving vase

For cleaning and protecting this product for a longer time, you should follow the below points: 

  • Do not place the product in a humid environment.
  • Avoid washing this product with acidic detergent and rough scotch.
  • Do not store this handmade product for long periods in direct sunlight.
  • The best way to clean the "pot" is a dry or a nano cloth.

By ordering a "handmade modern engraving vase HC-1333" from the CyrusCrafts online shopping store, you can receive it in the shortest possible time by sending it free of charge to the desired address.

25 CM
Pot & Vase | Decorative | Home
Toreutics (Metal Engraving)
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