Pair of Stone Vases with Onyx Marbel Material HC-1645
Stone vases HC-1645
Marbel vases HC-1645
Pair of Stone Vases with Onyx Marbel Material HC-1645
Stone vases HC-1645
Marbel vases HC-1645

Pair of Stone Vases with Onyx Marbel Material HC-1645

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Pair of Stone vases 

Dimensions: 35x65 cm

Weight: 800 Grams

Number of Pieces: 2

Primary Material: Stone

Product: Persian Handicrafts

Application: Home Décor | Office

  • Elegant and sturdy design that is suitable for any decor in your home or kitchen
  • Due to the natural nature of marble, the color may vary
  • Cleanliness and maintenance are easy with marble


Pair of Stone Vases are made of onyx. Onyx stone is the same as marble, and one of its unique features is its ability to pass light. This feature of the romance onyx stone gives it a unique effect. Cream onyx romance stone, whose origin is located in Kerman province, has a cream color background with brown and gold veins. These unique and beautiful colors multiply the value of the handicraft product.

Pair of stone vases with onyx marbel material HC-1645 details

Stoneware in Iran is thousands of years old. A beautiful marble vase with a stylish and unique design is placed next to the reception service. This valuable stone vase is due to the nature of the stone, which has high resistance and eye-catching beauty. As you can see, the upcoming product has many layers and unique colors that can only find in nature. Each of these veins and colors indicates one of the periods of marble formation. In this case, it increases the beauty of the product a hundredfold. This export stone is scarce and valuable, has a unique effect, and craftsmanship is very skilled. With the ability to pass different lights, it displays a different color spectrum and will never be repeated.

Depending on your taste, you can use these beautiful stone vases in different spaces—as table vases and on the floor. Wherever you use it, with its unique beauty, it can make your decoration unforgettable.

The critical thing to know before buying stone vases is that the color may vary due to the natural nature of marble.

Our excellent infrastructure, and professional and specialized activity in exporting high-quality vintage and modern Iranian goods to different parts of the world, make CyrusCrafts a world-class company. We are using the most modern transfer processes, assisting customers, and providing after-sales service responsibly. We are proud to offer you the most peculiar, original decorative, delicious items.

A feeling of safety, quality, beauty, uniqueness and a sense of originality are all present.

35x65 cm
800 Grams
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