blue modern wall clock
modern blue wall clock
handmade blue wall clock
wooden blue wall clock
blue clock aesthetic
blue modern wall clock
modern blue wall clock
handmade blue wall clock
wooden blue wall clock
blue clock aesthetic

Blue Modern Wall Clock HC-1663

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Diameter: 90 cm & 60 cm

Proper for: Every Interior design Style

Color: Blue & Brown

Producing Technique: Woodcarving & Oxidized Iron

Application: Decoration

One of a Kind



The blue modern wall clock HC-1663 is a unique handmade clock you can't find anywhere else. This modern wall clock suits many interior design styles, such as modern, neoclassical, coastal, retro, vintage, etc. Here is a brief review of its properties:

unique blue modern wall clock

Blue Modern Wall Clock HC-1663 Properties

This gorgeous clock is one of a kind, which means that as the artisan has made all its details by hand, none of the outcomes are the same. Here are the properties of the modern blue wall clock HC-1663 in brief:

  • Material: The clock's frame is wooden, designed by hand woodcarving techniques. Its plate's base is made of firm MDF, The numbers' material is salt rock, and the metal parts are a particular Iron oxide.
  • Style: This wall clock's style is modern as well as neoclassic and vintage. Actually, as it is an innovative wall clock, it includes different styles and is useable in most decoration styles.
  • Origin: The knowledgeable Persian craftsmen have innovatively designed the modern wall clock based on a new chemical formula for the metal parts. So it is an original product.

It was a brief introduction to the modern wall clock HC-1663. You can visit other products on the CyrusCrafts website. We offer Asian handmade products, such as Persian carpets, wooden furniture, decorative items, style accessories, and organic agricultural products like saffron and caviar. You can order any of our products from any country worldwide with quick shipping at the best price by filling out the order form. The shipping time will be shorter if you live in Canada or the USA.

Metal / Wood
Rock Salt
9 kg
Navy blue
Wall Hanging
60 cm
90 cm
1 Reviews

It is a great modern wall clock.
By Harper on 08/12/2023

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