minakari wall clock with khatamkari frame
mina kari and khatamkari wall clock
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minakari wall clock with khatamkari frame
mina kari and khatamkari wall clock

Minakari Wall Clock with Khatamkari Frame HC-1881

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Diameter: 70 cm

Materials: Copper & Wood

Proper for: Every Interior design Style

Color: Multicolor in Blue & Brown Hues

Producing Technique: Khatam Kari & Mina Kari Art

Application: Decoration

100% Handmade

Easy to Clean


Here, you can catch two amazing Persian art techniques in one product. This wall clock is not an ordinary, boring clock that only shows the time. It is a unique wall art that catches every eye. Artisans have created the HC-1881 wall clock on a Minakari plate and in a Khatamkari framework.

Mina Kari wall  clock with Khatam Kari frame

Minakari Wall Clock with Khatamkari Frame Details

If you are curious about the details, here is a review of the Minakari-based wall clock in the Khatamkari frame:

Minakari Plate

Minakari or Mina Kari is an old Iranian art in which the artist draws miniature designs on an object and paints patterns with special hues, such as Persian blue, white, green, etc. This product uses a copper plate, but Minakari artworks can also be accomplished on pottery or brass. Minakari art is well-known worldwide for its incredible details.

Khatamkari Framework

Khatamkari is a wood inlaying in Persian art that includes tiny details. The Khatamkari art requires a lot of time to be formed. The Khatam Kari crafters first make Khatam layers using different ilks of wood, metal, and bone. Then, they transect each layer in millimeter thicknesses. After all, they put khatamkari layers together to get a frame, platter, flower vase, tea tray, etc.

It was a momentary review of the Khatam Kari frame Mina Kari wall clock. If interested, you can visit our other artful products on the website. We are CyrusCrafts, an international Persian art and antique store. CyrusCrafts has offices in the USA, Canada, and Middle Eastern countries to deliver your orders quickly.
You can order products from every spot on earth, and we will deliver them to your address. The HC-1881 wall clock and many other products are free to ship across Canada and the United States.

Persian Blue
Wall Hanging
KhatamKari (Wood Inlay)
Minakari (Enamel)
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