Gabbeh is a type of Persian rug woven by nomads. Their unique design and role have caused them to be used in many houses with different decoration styles today. Therefore, when the name Gabbeh is mentioned, most people remember its traditional and handwoven models. Today, various designs of Gabbeh carpets are produced, and every person with every taste can choose the best option among multiple models. Due to the modernization of the gibbet designs, today's Gabbeh only has a superficial resemblance to the traditional Gabbeh. Of course, modern Gabbeh has many buyers thanks to its cheerful designs and vivid colors.

modern Gabbeh

Modern Gabbeh Design

Traditional and modern designs have been combined in the texture of the contemporary Gabbeh Persian rug, and a new design has been created that has removed the Gabbeh rug from the simplicity of the past. The thickness of the Persian Gabbeh rug is slightly higher than other fancy carpets and is a suitable option for use in the bedroom due to its softness and softness.
Some of today's modern or fantasy Gabbeh show the Illyrian designs in front of people's eyes by the past. Using these designs in the texture of fantasy rugs also tells the history of these carpets. Each color used in Gabbeh's texture expresses the spirit of the people weaving this Persian rugs for a long time. Currently, the producers of fancy carpets have tried to preserve these colors in producing fancy rugs so that the originality of this carpet is also preserved.

Modern Handmade Gabbeh Rug

An extensive and colorful background is the main feature of modern Gabbeh Persian rugs. In terms of ethnic style, handmade rugs are similar to modern gabbeh, and vivid blue and red colors are used in their designs. Therefore, these rugs can be used to cover living spaces and corridors. The modern sofa makes the environment fresh and lively and attracts the eyes. Gabbeh's soulful design makes it one of the most beautiful household items.

modern Gabbeh rug

Modern Handmade Gabbeh Rugs in Decoration

Handwoven rugs are used for traditional, modern, and contemporary decorations. If your house is modern, you can use comfortable furniture in neutral colors next to the modern handmade Gabbeh rug. In addition, Gabbeh is very suitable for both the living room and the bedrooms. Side shelves, which are longer than others, can be used in the kitchen or corridors.

Modern machine-made Gabbeh

It is interesting to know that today, Persian artisans have invented machines for machine weaving. These machines can produce car seats with modern designs and colors. Machine made Gabbeh, like any other machine made rug, have advantages and disadvantages. To decide between buying a car seat, you should consider these things:

  • Advantages:

1. Price: Machine-made rugs are usually cheaper than handwoven rugs.

2. Variety: you can come across more diverse patterns and colors due to the machine production process.

3. Fast production: Machine production is faster than handwoven; therefore, there are more of them in the market.

4. Color stability: Many machine rugs are dyed with artificial colors that may be more stable in some cases.

  • Disadvantages:

1. Quality: Handwoven rugs usually have better quality and texture

2. Cultural and artistic value: Handwoven rugs result from hours of effort and art of a weaver and have a unique cultural and historical value.

3. Longevity: Handwoven rugs may, with proper care, have a longer lifespan than machine rugs.

4. Sense and feeling: Handwoven cotton's texture and tactile sensation differ from machine-made cotton.

Today's machine-made rugs, which use artificial colors, have more variety than handwoven and traditional examples.

Persian Gabbeh Rug vs Indian

If you have ever heard the name Indo Gabbeh, you should know that today, Indian weavers have copied Iranian handwoven Gabbeh and are busy producing it. Iranian is much softer, better quality, and more durable than Indian Gabbeh. In addition, if originality is important to you in buying works of art, you will choose Persian Gabbeh because the source of Gabbeh, whether modern or traditional, is the country of Persia.

By clicking on the following picture, you can see a variety of original Persian Gabbeh rugs.

buy Persian Gabbeh rugs


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