When you use antiques in your home interior design, you plan for a unique countenance that is better for the environment and family pocketbook. Of course, new things are lovely, spotless, modern and shiny with a pleasant smell. Furniture that lacks soul and personality looks like a showroom when furnished with all new items. New staff may get old soon, and as trends change, they become obsolete. Buying quality furniture that can appreciate rather than end up in a landfill would be refreshing in our throwaway age.


Why Antiques are Better than Mass-produced Items

The first reason that comes to our mind probably is that an antique piece of furniture is unique, but mass products are all the same. Yes, that's right; everyone prefers a unique sofa set instead of a reproduced one, for example. But six other reasons may change your mind and make you buy antique furniture or decorative item instead of fashionable ones.

antique staff

1. Antique Never Goes out of Fashion

In this modern world of capitalism, fashion and trends are changing quickly. So, one day, trendy models of all interior design items go out of style sooner or later, but antiques never do. You may love an antique dining table in your home and change the chairs over the years to be comfortable and in trend, but always intend to keep the table because it has so many reminders of the parties you have had at it. But it won't get out of fashion, and as long as it dates, you can use it.


2. Antiques are Better Grade

In general, antique items were made with skill and were meant to last a lifetime. Antique items were made to last. Generations pass them down. They were made from solid materials often close to nature, like timber, metal and textiles by individual artists and artisans, which gives them a soul. For example, Persian silk carpets last hundreds of years as their raw materials are of the best quality, and carpet weaving artists make each node by node over mounts.


3. Most Antique Items are Masterpieces

For example, hand-cut timber with generated nails or hand-woven carpets has a different vitality than modern factory-produced items with volatile compounds that have a period of off-gassing. Many of these skills are now lost and can never be reproduced. Unfortunately, the skills and techniques passed down from generation to generation are being forgotten.

antique rug

4. Antique Items are Valuable

Despite new things, taking antique items out of the store, unwrapping the plastic and removing the tags can not decrease their value. When you take it home, a new piece of furniture immediately becomes "second-hand" rather than antique, reducing its value dramatically. Antiques have value because of being handicrafts and limited in numbers.
The market should fluctuate, so you shouldn't expect to benefit immensely by selling your things. The trick to maintaining or achieving value on antiques is comprehending the needs of the demands and when the time is to sell, buy or appreciate.

antique decorative items

5. Antique staff have Character and Stories

Antiques tell stories from then till now. They speak of genuineness and the urge to envelop you with honesty. As well as serving as a gentle reminder of time's progress, antique items also remind us of the passing of time. It is important to remember that these items will pass on from generation to generation, and we know they will live on long after we are gone. Think about the antique decorative plate on your mother's home wall; how many people do you think it has seen?

antique decoration

6. You Can Make Antiques Look New

You don't have to bear anything you don't like or are tired of. If you get tired of an antique piece of furniture's appearance or prefer it to be in trendy colors, you can change it in a way you like. So you don't need to be worried about them getting boring.

renew antiques

Now it's time for you to discuss your ideas. Do you agree with our reasons for buying antique furniture instead of mass-produced, or do you think new furniture is better? Do you have any pieces of antiques in your home? Please tell us all your opinions and experiences in the comments section.
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