What are the most common colors in your wardrobe? Are you one of those who have dark and neutral colors in your wardrobe? Or do you love bright colors and use more of these colors in your style?

Each color has a different effect on our mood and style, you are introduced to society with your style, and colors can easily show your inner personality and mood to others. 

In this article from Cyrus Crafts magazine, we present to you the different colors' spiritual meaning and effect on style and mood so that you pay attention to this important point for style in your next purchases.

White color in style


White symbolizes peace in all cultures, conveying a sense of freedom, purity, and simplicity. But what effect does this color have on the style?! Those who wear white clothes feel more relaxed and look at the world positively. Therefore, the feeling they convey to others is a sense of purity and even a sense of power.

White color in the fashion industry; The style makes people look professional, formal, dignified, and beautiful, and many people choose white to have a stylish style. But choosing the white color has challenges. For example, the white color also conveys the feeling of isolation! Or it gets dirty much faster. Therefore, the white color should always be combined with other colors in style. White is a neutral color that can be easily combined with other colors. Match the short white shirt with yellow high heels and use colored or even black accessories to match your style.

Black color in style

Black conveys the feeling of power, pride, intelligence, and seriousness! Those who always style with black make you feel strong. For this reason, in international conferences or conferences held by large companies, men wear black suits because this color conveys a sense of power and attractiveness to others.

In addition, the graduation dress of most prestigious universities in the world is black, which conveys the feeling of victory and intelligence of the students.


But the black color is not always a good choice because you will feel depressed and sad over time when you use the black style. Therefore, observe the balance in using black color or combining black with colored accessories.

Black color is neutral and goes with all colors, but red, white, yellow, and gold colors are more harmonious and make your style unique.

Green color in style

Green is the color of nature, a color that conveys the feeling of vitality and life. This color, with all its tones, gives a person a feeling of life, happiness, and kindness.

The green color conveys a good mood and kindness because whenever you go to the forest and face green trees, you feel good. Therefore, the use of green color in style; introduces you as a kind and enthusiastic person. In hospitals, they use green color to convey trust and good feelings to patients.


 But using green for a long time will tire you, so use orange, yellow, white, purple, brown, etc., colors to coordinate with this color. Of course, using natural accessories such as natural leather shoes or a wooden bag will make your style unique.


 Red color in style

The red color is one of those attractive colors in a style which conveys the feeling of strength, courage, love, and excitement. For example, in India, where most people are good dancers, the red color is used a lot because it is a symbol of happiness for Indian people. Red is a warm color, which makes people feel good, and most people are attracted to red. In addition, this color is used in most advertisements to attract the audience.

Women who wear red convey the feeling of attractiveness, beauty, love, and specialness to men. This is why red lipsticks are the best sellers.


But the negative characteristic of red color is conveying a sense of violence. In fact, people who always use red color in their style have more emotions and get angry sooner than others.

To balance with red color, use white, black, green, yellow, and navy colors. Of course, the red color with black color conveys a combination of power and charm.


 Blue color in style

For most people of the world, the blue color is reminiscent of the image of the sea and the sky. We always feel relaxed by looking at the sea or the sky. Blue is one of the cold colors but is very popular among the people of the world, which conveys a sense of self-confidence, creativity, coolness, calmness, and intelligence to others. Therefore, people who use shades of blue in their style are more relaxed, and those who live by the sea are very calm and kind.

But blue color also has negative characteristics because it is cold, and long-term use of this color will make you feel depressed or isolated. Therefore, always combine blue with warm colors such as; Set yellow, cream, orange, red, etc., to have a special style.


For example, wear a blue women's short dress with brown natural leather shoes and a handbag. Of course, from other accessories such as; Get the help of needlework jewelry, silver or turquoise stone for the attractiveness of your style.

Also, use blue in your style for important work appointments or job interviews because it gives others a sense of confidence and creativity and increases your self-confidence.

In this article, we introduced only five colors out of thousands of colors in style. You should use different colors based on your taste and where you wear each outfit. For example, If you choose the classic style, you should use cream, gray, blue, green, and navy colors for your clothes. But if you choose a casual  style in the summer, you should choose yellow, orange, purple, green and red colors. Finally, it may be interesting that there are eight unique colors the world knows as Persian colors. You can use them in your style and enjoy feeling stylish.

Therefore, always try to have a variety of colors in your wardrobe because the repetition of any color in style will make you feel isolated or even depressed. Also, pay attention to the color of jewelry, bag, shoes, makeup, hair color, etc.

Please write to us at Cyruscrafts. What is your favorite color? And what colors make you smile and feel good when you see them? In the accessory section of Cyrus handicrafts, we have selected products from among the most popular colors so that you can make various choices based on your taste and inner feeling.


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