Blue has always been one of the most popular clothing colors; one reason is that the primary color of jeans is blue. Most of us have blue clothes in our closets but sometimes don't know how to match them with our other clothes to be stylish. Here is some advice for wearing blue casual, formal, and street styles and color combination suggestions with blue color.

blue outfit

light blue jeans outfit

Blue Casual Style Outfits

All people need to have an up-to-date casual style for their daily usage. You can wear blue jean pants with almost every blouse, shirt, shoe, etc. Blue is one of the most popular colors in the world, and people use it in their casual styles; for example, in traditions of the united states because of their flag. One of the best blue casual styles that never go out of fashion is to match a white shirt and blue jeans. A white shirt and blue jeans outfit always work.

blue casual style outfits

blue clothes

Blue Formal Style Outfits

Our formal style affects our meetings, so it is vital to choose it right. Blue is prevalent in many cultures; for example, it is one of the eight primary Persian colors. So it would be a good option for formal meetings. If you want to design a unique blue formal style or want to have a proper outfit with a blue item, Here are suggestions divided for men and women:

blue formal style outfit

Blue Formal Outfit for Women

As blue includes a wide range of colors from light to dark, it is one of the trendy colors for women's formal outfits. A monochrome blue style may be less attractive, but matching dark with light blues looks fantastic.

blue formal outfit for women

blue night dresses

Blue Formal Outfit for men

Most formal suits are dark, so wearing a dark blue suit or blazer with a light-colored shirt in blue formal styles for men may be better. And don't forget a dark or navy blue tile with your attractive formal blue outfit. The CyrusCrafts suggestion is to choose a Persian Blue formal outfit because it is dark enough to be formal and light enough to prevent boringness.

blue formal outfit for men

Blue Street Style Outfits

Monochromatic colors are unsuitable for a street style, so combine blue with other colors. The best colors to mix with blue for a street style are warm colors like red, orange, and pink.


blue and white outfits

Color Combination for Blue Outfits

Combining blue with other colors is essential to reach your best style. As blue is a cold color, it easily goes with most colors; but there are some trendy colors to combine with blue for these days' modern styles. As you know, white, grey, and black are always-popular colors for outfits worldwide, especially in the USA, but have you ever considered a blue and green outfit? Let's see some samples of blue with grey, green, and black in the following.

color combination for blue outfit

sky blue clothes

Grey Pants, Blue Blazer

If you have a blue blazer and don't know what kind of pants to wear with that coat, we recommend you try grey pants. If the blue blazer's color is light, use dark grey pants, and vice versa.

grey pants blue blazer

Blue and Green Outfit

A blue and green outfit makes a cold-colored style for you, so it is better to use it in summer or warm climates. But if you want a blue and green outfit designed for cold seasons or regions like Canada, Try dark green with dark blue clothes.

blue and green outfit

Blue and Black Outfit

As mentioned, white and black are the colors you can match with all color ranges. A blue and black outfit is perfect for casual usage, workplace, outgoing, etc. Black is ideal for both dark and light blue jean clothes. So whenever you are hesitant what to wear with your blue jeans for any purpose, pick up a black shirt and enjoy the stylish guy in the mirror.

blue and black outfit

blue style

Did you enjoy the suggestions and samples? Were they inspiring and helpful? Please tell us your ideas and opinions about this post in the comments. Furthermore, if you have any suggestions for making a stylish blue outfit for men or women, share them with us by leaving comments. If you want to buy a blue piece of clothing or other items to complete your blue outfit, look at our website and see CyrusCrafts' handmade products at excellent prices. Purchasing products from Cyruscrafts is as easy as pie because you only need to fill out the order form and wait for us to deliver your orders quickly wherever you live worldwide.

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    Is brown leather bag suitable for blue jean outfit?
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    Dear Daniel, You just asked about one of the most stylish combinations. Of course, it will be all right to use a brown leather bag with blue jean clothes.

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