Maybe the term Persian color is strange, but you should know that the world knows eight colors as Iranian or Persian. But what is the reason? As you know, Iran has a long history in handicrafts, including excellent tiling, unique carpet weaving, pottery, ornaments, etc.
Iranian colors come from the heart of these arts. These arts have been exported to all parts of the world, and people named them "Iranian colors" worldwide. Persian colors represent the country's culture and the gentle spirit of our artists and artisans.

color combination with persian colors palette

Iranian or Persian Colors

Knowing Iranian colors is not only for fun; By knowing them, we can use them in the decoration of our home, and by adding a little creativity and affordable ideas for decoration, we can make our home modern and beautiful.

Persian colors codes

Here are eight main Iranian colors in detail:

  1. Perian Blue
    • Ordinary Persian Blue
    • Persian Turquoise
    • Azur Persian Blue
  2. Persian Green
  3. Persian Indigo
  4. Persian Rose
  5. Persian Pink
  6. Persian Plum
  7. Persian Red
  8. Persian Orange

Iranian colors

1. Persian Blue Color Scheme


When we hear the name Iranian blue, we unconsciously think of the beautiful tiling of mosques. The tradition of Iranian tiling inspired this color as the name of our country. Iranian blue, or Persian blue, is one of the most famous Persian colors used in various industries and arts.
It is interesting to know that for the first time in 1669, the term "Persian blue" was used in the English language and literature. Other names for this Iranian color are carbon blue, Iranian blue, and shawl blue.
Persian blue has three different shades: ordinary Persian blue, azure Persian blue, and turquoise Persian blue, which we have discussed in detail in the Persian Blue blog post.

Persian blue color scheme colours that go with blue Persian - 1c39bb

2. Persian Indigo Combination


Many people consider this color part of Persian blue. Still, indigo blue is a combination of blue and violet, so it is a self-determining Persian color. Another name for Persian indigo is indigo violet. Like a Persian indigo combination, a beautiful silk rug with solid colors can make your interior design luxurious.
The first use of this phrase in English dates back to 1912. Persian indigo color palette is also widely used in Iranian tiling and pottery.

Persian indigo color combination monochromatic - 32127a

3. Persian Rose Color Combination


The Iranian rose is derived from the beautiful color of the "Iranian rose" flowers. The name has entered the English language since 1922. The Iranian rose is the flower used in producing rose water or Golab, the magical liquid used in the perfume industry and foods.

Persian rose color combination and colors that go with rose pink - fe28a2

4. Persian Pink Color Palette


The Iranian pink color entered English and literature for the first time in 1923.
Persian pink is ubiquitous in late Qajar tile's colors, patterns, and Iranian carpet weaving art. The Persian Pink Palette is prevalent and famous in the clothing and accessory industry.

Persian pink palette and pink color combination - f77fbe

5. Persian Plum Color Combination

iranian plum

Persian Plum color has been used in various Iranian industries. Iranian plum color combinations are used in the cosmetics and clothing industry. Persian plum is a warm color very suitable for fall and winter clothes. Using Persian plume decorative items can warm a neutral decoration.

Persian plum color combination and plum color palette - 701c1c

 6. Persian Red Color Palette

iranian red

Iranian red is obtained from the soil of the coast of Hormuz. This vivid red soil is also used in the cosmetics industry. The primary use of Persian red color is in Kerman pottery and Iranian carpet weaving; Most of us think of Persian carpets in a red color palette or red combination.
Inside Iran, this color is known as red and pomegranate seed red. Iranian red hints at orange; therefore, it is lively and warm. For the first time in 1895, the term "Persian red" was used in English texts.

Persian red palette and color combination with red - c81d11

7. Persian Orange Color Combination

iranian orange

Iranian orange or rich ocher color has been used in Iranian dyeing, carpet weaving, and pottery industries since ancient times. Persian orange is also obtained from the soil of the Hormuz coast and consists of iron oxide powder in the soil.
Knowing the history of the word orange will also show why it is called Iranian. In the past centuries, Iranians first sent the orange fruit to China through the Silk Road from Iran, and the Chinese produced a sweeter fruit called orange by transplanting it. Later, this fruit entered Iran through Portugal, and the root of the name orange remained in the English name of this color.

Persian orange color combination and colours that go with orange - d99058

8. Persian Green Color Palette


Persian green is dark grayish green with a blue combination. Iranian green is considered one of the spring green palette subcategories. Persian green combination is prevalent in the carpet and turquoise handicrafts industry, pottery, tiling, and ornaments. The green veins inside the marble are also Iranian green.

It was mentioned for the first time in 1892 in English literature as an Iranian color. As you know, many people believe in the colors' spiritual meanings and symbolism. In Iranian art, turquoise color combinations symbolize paradise and lively gardens, sanctity, and spirituality.

Persian green color palette and colors that go with green - 00a693

This post briefly introduced eight Iranian colors derived from Iranians' history, nature, and culture and are known worldwide as Iran. If you also know colors with the name of your country, please introduce them in the comments section. Also, if you have any questions about Iranian colors usage in the decoration, the specialists of our team at CyrusCrafts are ready to answer your questions.

best color combinations with persian colors

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11 Oct 2022, 05:53

The Persian blue color spectrum starts from turquoise to azure. You can see Persian blue in Iranian architecture, handicrafts (specially turquoise and minakari), paintings and ETC

16 May 2022, 06:45

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