Caviar is a delicacy, but you may be surprised that some forms are much more affordable than others. What are the differences between caviar types that justify their vast price difference?

There are a few critical differences between red and other kinds of caviar (like black or gray), so let's take a closer look at what makes Persian red caviar special. This article will examine how we can serve red caviar to make the most of its flavor and which cuisines you can expect to be a standard part of.

red salmon caviar

What is Red Caviar?

The most well-known type of caviar is Red Caviar, made from the salmon roe. In English, it generally goes by salmon roe, salmon caviar—or ikura. Red Caviar or ikura has a salty and fishy taste. High concentrations of umami, with a creamy texture, make it irresistible for many people. The red Caviar is obtained from salmon, trout, graylings, and char. The color of caviar or fish roe depends on the species that produced it. The color of Red Caviar is produced by the same biochemical reaction that occurs in salmonids. 

Whereas many other kinds of Caviar are dyed to have a more brilliant and dazzling appearance (this tends to be the case for yellow and blue Caviar), ikura naturally looks like that. Some might even consider it a misnomer to call red Caviar since many connoisseurs prefer to reserve that term for sturgeon eggs. Cyruscrafts is a reliable source for information about the price of caviar and how to buy it.

Also, Red Caviar is sometimes served with salmon slices such as lox or raw salmon. Champagne is also a common accompaniment, especially if it's a drier variety, as the flavor complements all forms of Caviar, including red.

Salmon Roe is a Type of Red Caviar

Red Caviar is often called roe, depending on the species that produced it. For example, red Caviar from salmon is often called salmon roe. However, it has many regional variations, including the Japanese Ikura, which comes from a Russian word.

Also, you can find Ikura used in sushi rolls, along with a wide range of roe types. When used in sushi, it is usually used to top off sushi rolls and add additional depth to its flavor. (Read the sushi caviar article.)

used ikura in sushi

Red Caviar is sometimes served with salmon slices such as lox or raw salmon. Champagne is also a common accompaniment, especially if it's a drier variety, as the flavor complements all forms of Caviar, including red.

salmon roe

Red Caviar Price

Surprisingly, red Caviar is the most popular type among casual consumers. Accessibility and low price are key factors contributing to Red Caviar's mainstream status. 

Red Caviar comes in two main categories, red and blackish gray because fish eggs naturally appear in the two colors. Unlike Almas caviar, a caviar with a red color is generally more affordable than a black color because the fish that produce it have different breeding cycles, and salmon tend to spawn more frequently.

On the other hand, sturgeon produces black Caviar, which is becoming increasingly rare. Along with that issue, you'll also find that sturgeon have a much longer reproductive cycle, so it takes them much longer to produce a batch of eggs that can be harvested for use as Caviar.

What is Red Caviar Made of?

Red Caviar most commonly comes from the depths of the Caspian Sea from any fish that belongs to the Salmonidae family, such as pink salmon, coho salmon, rainbow trout, chum salmon, and Chinook salmon. Due to the diversity of colors ranging from different shades of yellow, orange, and red, this fish roe is called red Caviar. Each fish type I mentioned has distinct qualities that make it unique and different from the others.

What is red Caviar made of

The Different Types of Red Caviar

The Caviar comes in various forms based on the fish it came from. Size is the best way to tell one type of caviar from another. The size usually depends on the size of the fish that it's being harvested from.

Generally, keta caviar has an egg diameter of about 6 mm, which is relatively large. Salmon caviar has a diameter of 5 mm and tends to look more reddish orange than keta caviar, which is almost yellow.

Slightly smaller than that, you'll find Ikura salmon caviar, among the reddest of this category of roe. It has a size of just above 4 mm in diameter. Two to three mm in diameter is the smallest red caviar available on the market. They are harvested from trout.

What Does Red Caviar Taste Like?

Since everyone in Canada and the US has their preferences regarding the most delicious kind of Caviar, cannot be answered to the universal question 'What is the most delicious kind of Caviar?'

Caviar obtained from beluga sturgeon is more popular. Trout roe is the smallest but has a pleasant, slightly bitter taste. With its delicate taste and no traces of fishy smell or bitterness, this caviar is truly a delicacy. Coho salmon is rich in nutrients and vitamins. Pink salmon roe is the most popular caviar type, familiar to most consumers. Chum salmon roe and Chinook caviar have the largest size. 

taste of caviar

All the above fish types are nutritious and provide an array of benefits for health and well-being. Fish diversity ensures a healthy lifestyle. 

Tips on How to Prepare Delicious Red Caviar?

Watch the video below for a quick and easy recipe for homemade red caviar.

Is Ikura Healthy?

While you may find ikura an elegant treat, you may also be surprised to learn that ikura salmon caviar provides many health benefits for your body. I was also blown when I learned these tiny eggs could benefit someone's health. Red Caviar is filled with many different and essential nutrients, which are suitable for your body and vital to your growth and survival.

Red caviar is a source of vitamins. Some of them include Vitamins A, C, and D. This type of Caviar has no carbohydrates or Trans fats. Still, it does instead have Omega-3 fatty acids, which are excellent for the health of your eyes, brain, cardiovascular system, and immune system.

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How to Distinguish Real Red Caviar

It must be prepared traditionally to experience red caviar's full flavor and health benefits. First, you must pay attention to the packaging and carefully read the information on the label. It is better to choose a product in a glass container, which will visually assess the quality of the product. Caviar should be of the same diameter, whole grain, and color by type of salmon. Authentic Caviar does not contain oils, eggs, gelatin, or milk, which indicates the product's synthetic origin.

Natural, this Caviar contains salt and preservatives, which ensures long-term storage. If E239 (Neurotrophin) is indicated in the composition, then you should not buy Caviar since this preservative is prohibited and can harm the body. In a convex shape, the date of manufacture must be stamped on the outside of the can. It is not allowed to deform the cover.

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