When it comes to investing in a rug, it can be quite expensive, so you probably don't want to pay a lot for something that goes out of style quickly. 

Every year, new and exciting rug trends emerge to enhance the beauty of your home. With the beginning of 2023, many trends have been proposed for interior design. In this article, we are trying to examine the trends of 2023 carpets.

Keep scrolling to find out what are latest carpet trends.

Carpet Trends 2022 

Let us first take a look at the carpet trends of 2022 so that we can compare the trends of last year and this year:

Vintage Rugs Trend 2023

In recent years, the attention of interior designers has increased toward old and semi-old styles. Vintage rugs are examples of old styles that are designed and woven with modern materials and techniques. These oriental carpets are affordable because they are mostly machine-woven and, with techniques, look handmade. Also, there are many antique examples that you can get with a much higher price and unique originality. You can easily view and order many designs of vintage rugs in Cyruscrafts online store.

vintage rug 2023

Urban Art Trend 2023

Over the past few years, urban art and strong patterns have become popular rug trends. We anticipate seeing a lot of vibrant rugs with intriguing designs this year, which will be used to stylishly and elegantly decorate one's home's floors and walls.

urban rug 2023

Persian Rugs Trends 2023

Buying a Persian rug is one of the least risky purchases because you can be sure it will never go out of style. Always popular but also unique. You will never worry about seeing your Persian rug in many homes because they are one of a kind. Most of the time, only one carpet of each design is woven, which means being unique! You can find the best Persian handmade rug 2023 trends in Cyruscrafts Collection.

persian rugs 2023

Moroccan and Abstract Rugs Trends 2023

Moroccan rugs are another rug trend in 2023. These rugs often feature bold geometric patterns and are available in various colors and materials.

A Moroccan carpet or rug is a textile floor covering that is handwoven in Morocco by people from indigenous tribes. Even though utility is their primary purpose in Morocco, many people worldwide enjoy collecting and decorating with them.

The varying styles of authentic Moroccan rugs are due in large part to the characteristic climate of the region. This gives each individual piece its own unique story, function, and artistic flair.

Moroccan rug 2023

Natural Fibers Rugs Trends 2023

Besides being timeless, natural fiber rugs are also good for the environment and are a great choice for layering. When installed wall-to-wall and layered with antique kilim or Gabbeh rugs, these rugs create an eclectic atmosphere. They match well with modern, bright, or monochromatic carpets.

This type of rug requires more attention when it comes to cleaning. Vacuum at a lower power once or twice per week, for example. To be sure that you can enjoy your favorite rug for a more extended period of time, make sure to read the maintenance recommendations of the producer.

natural fiber rugs 2023

Shaggy Rugs Trend 2023

One thing is for sure – shag is back in 2023 trends. We're seeing shag rugs return to homes again in 2023, giving a tactile delight to spaces. When it comes to living room rugs, these work best and provide a wonderful, soft underfoot and a luxurious feel to interiors.

shaggy rug 2023

Oriental Rugs Trends 2023

Oriental rugs have been an excellent choice for decades. This trend never runs out of style due to its specific elegance. From the living room, dining room, bedroom, entryway, nursery, dorm room, study, home office, or eat-in kitchen, the oriental design will enhance every room in your house.

oriental rug 2023

Bauhaus Rugs Trends 2023

A lack of ornament and the use of clean lines, smooth surfaces, and geometric shapes define Bauhaus designs. In terms of design, there are many similarities between Bauhaus rugs and retro rugs. These carpets usually have bold and rich patterns, adding joy and color to the environment. One of the rug trends of 2023 is undoubtedly Bauhaus.

retro rug 2023

Irregular Shapes Rugs Trends 2023

Interesting rug shapes are perhaps the biggest trend to embrace in 2023. When rectangular forms dominate rooms, they can feel claustrophobic and closed off, whereas soft, fluid forms, which are the hallmark of organic modernism, seem to extend across them, linking them.

Irregular Shapes Rugs 2023

2023 rug trends will be focused on comfort and style. What matters in every room of your home is that you and your guests feel at ease. Due to the fact that we spend more time at home, comfort has become a key component of interior design. A gorgeous rug like the Cyruscrafts rug gives the space an opulent feel while fostering a cozy ambiance.

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