Persian Cat Breed

The Persian cat is the most glamorous cat in the world. The most popular cat breed in North America due to its gorgeous, luxurious coat, angelic face, and expressive eyes. He is, however, not low-maintenance at all and may have a few health issues as well, but for many, his looks and personality overcome those drawbacks.

However, expect to pay top dollar to acquire and maintain this luxury cat. Persian kittens aren't for everyone, but if you're interested in raising one, here's how to do it.

Persian Kitten 

The Persian kitten is friendly, sociable, and can be very affectionate. They enjoy snuggling up with their favorite human and many have a very laid-back and relaxed nature. This is definitely a cat that looks forward to you getting back from work so you can give them some attention. There are Persian kittens for sale in many countries, but one thing to note is that it is true that kittens are cuter but are equally harder to care for.

cute persian kitten

Persian Cat’s Price and Abundance

Morally, buying and selling pets is not correct. The best thing to do is to take care of stray pets. Therefore, stating a specific price range for any type of pet does not seem very logical. Apart from this issue, if you want to buy a Persian cat, the price varies according to the purity of the breed, age, color, etc. The Persian cat has a relatively high price due to its unique appearance and good manners.

The Persian cat breed is not very abundant, but you will probably see them in many homes because people love them.

Types of Persian cats

Honestly, there are so many types of Persian cats that discussing them all would be impossible. Since there are so many breeders, there are countless varieties of this breed.

This post will focus on the wide variety of Persian cats. Ready? Let’s dive in!

Doll Face Persian Cat

The Doll Face Persian cat is also known as the Traditional Persian or the Old Fashioned Persian. This variant is believed to be the original Persian cat. Today, these cats still look virtually the same as the oldest images of Persian cats.

This type of Persian does not exhibit extreme features. Compared to the rest of its face, its nose is a normal length. Unlike Peke-Faced Persians, these cats have an outward-pointing nose. So, Doll Face Persian cats can breathe more accessible than some other Persian cats. They also experience less eye staining and eye drainage issues.

Doll Face Persians have long flowing coats. There are several colors available. Despite the fact that they don't have many health problems, they are still high-maintenance dogs. A regular grooming schedule is required for them. But if you want to avoid breathing challenges or tear-draining issues, this is a safe variant to consider.

Doll Face Persian Cat

Chinchilla Persian Cat

Chinchilla Persian cats are a very striking variation. These cats have thick, bushy coats. In addition to having thick, white coats, they were originally named after the South American rodent.

It is typical for Chinchilla Persian cats to be silvery white, though there are a few color variants. Their doll-like eyes, lips, and nose are rimmed in black. Light undercoats and subtly-tinted overcoats characterize these cats. They also usually have green or blue eyes.

Typically, Chinchilla Persian cats have health problems since they are purebred. They are prone to kidney disease and heart disease. Also, they sometimes have flat faces, which could cause breathing issues.

pure breed persian cat

Peke-Face Persian Cat

Show Persian cats, or Peke-Face Persians, are the most recognizable Persian cats. This breed's name comes from its similarities to Pekingese dogs. A genetic mutation causes the flat face in this Persian variation.

Their heads are square, their noses are small, and their jaws are long. They also have round cheeks and large circular eyes. Peke-Face Persian cats have difficulty breathing because of this facial structure. When a Peke-Face Persian cat has a cold, it is almost impossible for them to breathe normally. Many of these Persians experience asthma. Often, their noses appear to be set directly between their eyes.

Peke-Face Persians are a high-maintenance breed. In addition to regular grooming their long coats, owners must frequently wipe these cat's eyes. Without proper management, their eyes have drainage issues, causing fur staining.

Peke-Face Persian Cat

How to Care for Persian Cats

Dr Siracusa reports that he brushed his Persian cats for an hour or more each day. "Persian undercoats tend to knot very easily, so you have to be sure that the knots don't turn into mats, which can be painful and need to be removed."

There are many different types of brushes available for cats, but those who own a Persian cat should look for a brush that can get through their kitty's long fur.

Iranian cats, like other cats, like to throw dishes on the floor or push your things off the table. This may cause stains from food and other stuff on your carpet, which you can find solutions for by referring to articles on cleaning carpets and removing stains from carpets.

What colors are there in Persian cats?

  • White Persian Cat
  • Black Persian cat
  • Blue Persian Cat
  • Cream Persian Cat
  • Smoke Tortoiseshell Persian Cat

What Is the Personality of a Persian Cat?

Persian cat's personalities precede themselves. Owners tend to praise their gentle cats' serene temperaments and dignified demeanor instead of complaining about bad behavior. Every chance they get, they display their unsurpassed beauty in their calm presence.

"They do tend to be as a whole a more laid back, gentle breed than others," Cook Henry says. "I wouldn't consider Persians to be a feisty breed. But that's not to say that they don't have individual or quirky personalities, because they do."

Despite their passive personas, Persians are cats. They can display normal feline behavior gone wrong, such as jumping on the counter, playing, fighting, and furniture scratching, which can frustrate any pet owner. However, you can correct these bad habits if you address them when your Persian is a kitten or young cat. You can then be assured of a harmonious life with your little angel.

Alright, do you now have a better understanding of Persian cat variations? We hope so! Just remember, there is only one Persian cat breed. But, different types are based on color, fur length, size, and facial structure.

Before adopting a cat, do your research on the breeder. You can decide which type of Persian cat to adopt if you adopt from a reputable breeder.

What type of Persian cat do you own? Did you learn about a new variety in our post? We would love to hear from you in the comments!

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