The modern large wall clock is one the most important part of home décor in every decoration style. Clocks are not just for telling the time; they are also valuable decorative items that give a beautiful effect to your space.

You may have designed the decoration of your room well, but in the end, parts of the wall are left empty. You can fill this space by installing an artboard, but we suggest you fill that with a unique and eye-catching piece like a wall clock.

Besides creating a beautiful focal point for that space, a large wall clock in decoration makes you always in the flow of time without neglecting it. Sometimes clocks are the missing piece of decoration design.

Large wall clocks are the best example of how a small change can profoundly affect a room's overall look. Clocks are always in front of the eyes, and if you choose them correctly, they give character and identity to the decoration of your room. Even classic design clocks can turn the empty wall of your room into an attractive and eye-catching space. Clocks are not just for telling the time; they are pieces of art and decorative items that give a beautiful effect to the wall of your room.

Sometimes changing the room's decoration requires spending a lot of time and money, but sometimes your room only needs an hour! Stay with us in this article from CyrusCrafts magazine to talk about some untold secrets about the large wall clocks.

large wall clock

Where should a big clock be placed in a home? 

Before you decide where to hang a large wall clock in your home, you should check a few things:

  1. What is the functionality and style of the wall clock you want? Is its style modern, classic or retro?
  2. Do you want a clock with a full frame and numbers or a clock with only hands?
  3. Is the shape of the watch you want circular and big, or long and narrow and a little irregular?
  4. Is the clock in your mind compatible with other home decorations? Does it express your personality well?

After answering the above questions and finding the style and form of your favourite wall clock, determine where you want to install it. Do you have an empty wall at home that you want to fill with a decorative item? Or do you want a wall gallery including your favourite wall clock?

A sizeable visual element on the wall, such as a large wall clock or a large art painting behind the sofa, with a beautiful flower pot next to the couch, will create a stunning effect. Instead of a vase, you can use a particular sofa or chair. This layout will make your space look fabulous and different.

oversized wall clocks can create a unique effect in your home's interior decoration, but you need to consider a few simple points when choosing and installing them.

The best large wall clock direction: In your opinion, which direction should a wall clock face? We all know that the sun rises in the east, and the rising of the sun signifies the beginning of a new day, a new season, and a new chance for homeowners. For the same reason, many interior designers recommend placing the clock facing the eastern part of the house.

Appropriate hanging height of the large wall clock: To maintain visual beauty, we suggest hanging it at 50-70% of the upper part of the wall; However, this number can vary according to the wall's height and the item's size.

Look at your wall demonstrator of time like an art painting! As works of art add beauty to the home's walls, a wall time display can double the charm of the space. But for this purpose, the proportion between the dimensions of the wall and the clock that you will hang on it must be respected; It's as if they built this wall to place your wall demonstrator of time!


wooden wall clock large

modern large wall clock

How to place a large wall clock in the living room?

The living room is where family members spend most of their time; that's why it is very important that all the home accessories must be placed in a position to create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere.

For placing a wall clock, it is better to consider its color and material to match the furniture style so that it can feel more to belong to other decoration components. For example, just a plain-colored round item for a modern living room can create the charm that an expensive inlaid clock can do for a classic royal setting. Here are some common places to hang wall clocks:

Hanging the large clock over the sofas

Typically, we assign the most expansive wall for the three-seater couch when positioning sofas. This is an ideal spot for those seeking a contemporary and attractive ambiance to hang a wall clock. Selecting the appropriate one can elevate this significant wall from being plain and transform it into a prominent feature wall.

Big wall clock Above the TV

A clock above the TV can help you know when your favorite TV shows are on. You can set the clock to when the show is on and know exactly when to start watching. This can be useful if you want to watch many shows but only sometimes have time to watch them all. Also, hanging a beautiful accessory like an elegant wall clock above the TV can be a great addition to your home.

Big size wooden wall clock above the console

A big size wooden wall clock above a console table can be a stylish and functional addition to any room. A clock can be a focal point on a wall, drawing attention to the console table below and adding visual appeal to the room.

When choosing a wooden wall clock big size, consider the style of the room and the console underneath. For example, if your console has a minimal style with clean and simple lines, you can choose a simple decorative wall clock with natural and relaxing colors. On the other hand, if your console has a more traditional design, a clock with ornate details and a classic look might be more appropriate.

Choosing a time display device with many details would make it stand out on a wall like a unique work of art. Install it on a simple wall if the big wall clock has a lot of details.

big wall clock

Wooden wall clock large for living room

 A wooden clock is a modern and stylish clock that can be integrated into both modern and classic decorative styles thanks to its special appearance and features. According to the principles of feng shui, wood is the ideal material for clocks because it brings a sense of peace, security, and harmony to families and their residents.

Apart from making your living space more visually attractive, wooden clocks can also beautify the decor of offices and stores. These wall clocks are designed to attract more attention and charm to your space. Moreover, if placed in the living room, they can give your guests a positive impression of your home decor.

large wall clocks

How to decorate space around a large wall clock?

Hang a mirror and a big wall clock together on the wall. With this stylish and modern combination, in addition to displaying the time on the wall, you give depth to the space and make it look wider.

You can dedicate one of the walls of the living room to an artistic combination of several photo frames along with your element; remember the style of the wall horologe and the frames! For a better conclusion, place some combinations on paper and implement the best ones on the wall.

Suppose you are one of those people who are constantly travelling or you want to have the time of several countries in your hand. In that case, you can choose several hours and tune each one to the time of one country; with this, you have the same time in your hand, and You will give a special and unique look to your interior.

wooden wall clock

black large wall clock

Inlaid wooden wall clocks

Medium wooden wall clocks with inlaid designs and vintage enamel aesthetics make versatile decorative pieces. In particular, plated products often present a better appearance compared to others. If you want to add visual appeal to your space, check out our brass and studded decor selection, including decorative wall plates.

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CyrusCrafts last word about large wall clock

One way to add a distinctive touch to your empty walls is to set a wall time display with other decorative elements such as paintings, porcelain, etc. You can even choose an old wall clock for this purpose and give a nostalgic atmosphere to your space. This space can be a suitable place for your study.

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