Are you looking to buy a large mirror but need to figure out the size, shape, or even where to install it in your home? Well, let us tell you that a large wall mirror can do magic in your home! Using a huge mirror has several advantages that make it a great choice. One of the biggest advantages is the depth and wider view it offers. This mirror not only makes the house look brighter and more spacious, but if hung strategically and correctly, a big mirror can give your space a stunning and unique look that you will love. So, go ahead and pick up a bigger mirror - you won't regret it!

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How to Choose the Right Mirror Shape?

Wall mirrors come in different shapes. Among all kinds of huge mirrors, square and rectangular are usually the most common options; these mirrors are the most traditional style, but choosing a mirror with a different shape can draw attention. Even if the mirror is simple or without a decorative frame, use a round or oval mirror for a simple but modern look. Triangular and full length mirrors can have different effects on the room.

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Some large mirror for wall have no frame. Their size or shape will make a strong presence in your room. However, you can choose a frame style with a decorative punch when shopping mirror. A simple wooden, metal, or plastic frame is the best choice for a sleek and simple look. For a more formal and modern look, look for a gold-framed mirror to be a strong focal point for your room. You can also find wall mirrors with mosaic frames with pieces of tile to give them a unique and eye-catching look.

Does a Huge Mirror Make a Room Bigger?

Feel free to use a large mirror in a small space. Because mirrors create the illusion of depth and space, they can be very helpful in making a small room or a small space feel much bigger, so they're a great element to consider for hallways and niche walls. 

This one is significant; always consider the reflection in the mirror.

You want to think about what is on the other side of that mirror. Because if it's an unattractive element, you're going to double that, so you want to hang a mirror across from something like a painting, a beautiful piece of furniture, or an architectural element.

Get this example your front door entry is tight; it's very narrow, so this mirror serves a couple of purposes:

  1. It can reflect the beautiful wall gallery from your family pics or pictures of nature right across from it.
  2. But it also helps to increase the amount of light in this space.

So by placing it in the correct place, the mirror reflects the light from the other rooms, automatically making this space feel larger.

wooden large mirror

large mirror for living room

large floor mirror

A Large Mirror in The Bedroom

Let's check another example of using a huge mirror in your bedroom. When you hang a large mirror at eye level or directly across from a window, it significantly increases the amount of light that comes into the room, and it's another beautiful view.

Like filling a wall, hiding a closet with a large mirror covers the entire surface. But in this case, to cover and simultaneously hide wardrobes or storage spaces. Adding a reflective surface reduces the space that the closet represents, helping to make the room feel larger (with the added benefit of enabling users to look at their clothes).

Mirrored wardrobes are particularly suitable for smaller bedrooms that benefit from this open and airy feel and for hiding storage elements that may disrupt a space's visual flow or style.

The mirror effect is maximized when a reflective surface spans an entire wall, visually doubling the size of entire rooms by making them appear larger.

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Where should I put a large mirror in the living room?

You can use mirrors to create beautiful focal points in your home. One of the reasons you often see mirrors hung above dining room buffets or mantels is that they make a gorgeous focal point. Huge mirrors for the living room should be used in the following cases.

  • Using a large mirror with a console table:

It has always been customary to use a mirror next to the console table, significantly affecting the beauty of your living room and home decoration.

  • Using a large mirror above the fireplace in the living room:

One of the best places to install a mirror is above the fireplace. By doing this, you will create a focal point in your home, which will give the living room an impressive beauty.

  • Using a mirror on the side or behind the dining table:

The idea of placing a huge mirror on the wall next to or in front of the dining table has always been a suggestion of home decoration designers. This place to install the mirror will help your home to become luxurious and magnificent.

  • Use of a mirror above the sitting room sofa:

In this case, by installing a mirror above the fireplace, you will create a focal point in your home, and by installing a mirror above the sofa in the living room, you will add eye-catching beauty.

  • Installing a mirror in the entrance hallway:

Installing a mirror at the home's entrance can create a stylish and bright atmosphere for your home. Also, by installing a mirror opposite the entrance, you must consider what image you are reflecting inside the house (living room). The side walls are the best place to install a mirror in the entrance hallway. To install a mirror in the living room, you should pay attention to small points to get the best feedback and energy from installing the mirror.

  • Installation of a mirror between two windows in the living room:

By installing a mirror between two windows, you will increase the size of your space, and this more prominent display of the space is due to the reflection of light, which leads to the space becoming more open.

Floor Large Mirrors

When hanging big mirror or filling entire walls with reflective panels is complicated, classic floor large mirrors or free-standing options are ideal. They are sometimes the preferred choice due to their strong aesthetic and functional impact.

Floor large mirrors, with their impressive dimensions, are often stitched onto the floor as a statement or bold art piece. And since they don't need to be drilled into the wall, large floor mirrors are easier to move around than other formats (although many large versions can be pretty heavy). Also, floor ones are the best living room mirrors.

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What are the Pros and Cons of Big Mirrors?

Humans have always been fascinated by reflections. Anything more than light returning after hitting a surface, but there will always be something fascinating about them. Whether it's a lake reflecting a beautiful landscape or a small hand mirror reflecting our face.

Experimenting with reflection and perception of space has become an easy way for architects, designers, and homeowners to transform any room. The power of extra-large decorative wall mirrors is unparalleled when you're looking to maximize this impact. After all, the bigger the mirror, the more significant the impact.

Everything has advantages and disadvantages, and big mirrors are no exception to this rule.

Large mirrors can be heavy, involve a significant investment, and require much maintenance to keep their surface clean. However, they make a big difference that can undoubtedly justify the hassle and ultimately contribute to brighter, better-looking, larger spaces.

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Adding a large wall mirror is a simple way to optimize the space and create a clear focal point. Whether attached to a vertical surface with adhesive or hung with a bracket or wire, they work well when designers want to save floor space or draw attention to a wall. They can cover a portion of the wall to make a small impact, but they should be big enough to make a significant impact and often look out of proportion with the rest of the furniture.

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