Hanging plants could have a significant effect on beautifying a space. There are different ways and ideas for hanging vases from the ceiling or on the walls with or without drilling. Nowadays, it is an affordable exterior and interior design trend. So, stay with us for tips, ideas, and ways to hang plants.

hanging planters

How Do You Hang Plants?

It may be one of the most straightforward interior design tips to have indoor plants at home. Having plants at home has many benefits, and hanging them has many advantages, like maximizing the space, letting the leaves receive more light, and beautifying interiors and outdoors. Everyone can have some easy-to-care and easy-to-grow plants in their rooms. So let's see how to hang these beautiful soul mates:

how to hang plants

1. Decorative Vases for Hanging Plants

It is the easiest way and that is why it is the first one. You only need to choose a decorative vase, put your lovely green in it, and then suspend it from the top or wall using a tight band.

wall hanging decorative vases

2. Hanging Baskets and Pots

There are pots and baskets in the market that you can hang using nails. Wooden baskets and ceramic vases are the best options for indoor hanging plants, and it may be interesting that Lalejin, the world city of ceramic, is in Hamedan, Iran.

hang planters to wall with nails

3. Hangers for Wall Planters

Wall-hanging planter is any vase or pot where we can put plants and then turn them on the wall or ceiling. They are space-saving and budget-friendly. And the best point about them is that you can DIY hanging planters with your creativity and taste.
Different kinds of hangers are there that you can drill into the wall and hang planters and vases from them. As they are metals, you can paint them in any optional colors.

wooden hanger for planters

4. Wall-hanging Planters for the Corner

Triangle planters are excellent for corners. If there is a plain corner in your living room or bedroom, try a lovely little green in a triangle vase and enjoy its freshness.

wall hanging planter for corner

5. Woven Wall Hanging Planters

Macrame woven planters are trending, especially nowadays in Canada and the united states. Aesthetically woven hangers make the space warm and friendly. If you would rather have a more generous room, use dark green plants.

woven wall hanging planters

6. Using Hooks to Hang Plants

Using a hook, especially an S-shaped one, is another easy way to dangle a planter on a wall or from a ceiling that you can DIY. Remember that the hook should be firmly attached to the wall or ceiling. The excellent point about the hooks is that they are attachable to all types of wall panels.

hang plants with hooks

7. Glass Vases on the Wall

Hang a glass vase on a wall to put the fresh flowers that need to be in the water. Place the glass vases in a place that receives indirect light. If you have decorated your living room with velvet sofas, glass vases are excellent options aesthetically.

glass hanging planters

8. Outdoor Planters Hanging

Placing vases and pots on the yard wall is a bright idea, making it beautiful and inspiring. Imagine your barbecue parties with planters hanging from the backyard walls.

outdoor wall hanging planters

9. Planters on the Staircase's Wall

To decorate your staircase's wall, you can drill wall-hanging planters. If you want a modern staircase, use contemporary vases.

wall hanging planters for staircase

10. Modern Wall-hanging Planters

Various pots and vases come to the market daily. You choose your favorite planter and enjoy your modern interior design. Finally, remember that wall-hanging plants are ideal for drawing rooms, especially for their staircases.

modern wall hanging planter

It was ten ways to hang your planters, and of course, many other tips and ideas may happen in your brain. Please tell us your thoughts as comments to help other readers and us. hang plants on wall

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Comments (8)

    • Sunny
    • 2022-11-18 23:51:25
    Which are wall hung plants?
    • Sheller
    • 2022-11-18 23:52:46
    Thanx for showing ways to hang plants.
    • CyrusCrafts
    • 2022-11-19 00:08:13
    Dear Sunny, Well, the wall-hanging plants are numerous, and some examples are Senecio rowleyanus, Platycerium, Adiantum, English Ivy, Boston Fern, Syngonium podophyllum, Ripple Peperomia, Spider Plant, and so on.
    • Hanna
    • 2022-11-19 07:05:41
    Are wall hanging planters suitable for the bathroom?
    • CyrusCrafts
    • 2022-11-19 07:12:33
    Dear Hanna, Wall-hanging plants are suitable for bathrooms and make the air fresh. But as the bathroom is primarily humid, choose apartment plants resistant to humidity.
    • Jasmin
    • 2022-12-15 16:18:46
    Can I hang Petus?
    • CyrusCrafts
    • 2022-12-16 23:37:09
    Dear Jasmin, Of course, you can hang it and enjoy.
    • Kia
    • 2023-04-16 00:36:22
    Please name hanging plants outdoors.

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