Whether it's a collection of prints, collage art, a large wall mirror, or a masterpiece, the artwork is essential to any decor and can make or break a room. However, the correctness of hanging the wall art, such as artwork and pictures, is another matter; if done incorrectly, it can do more harm than good.

hang artwork correctly

How to Hang A Wall Art Correctly

First, you need to find the right style and size of work for the right wall. Then, considering the design aspects, such as the right height and positioning, would help. Finally, you need to hang the artwork on the wall. And make sure it turns horizontally and stays there.
Here are three things to consider to ensure you hang wall art correctly.

how to hang wall art

1. Choose the Right Location

You should first consider where to hang the artwork. For example, a large mirror with an ornate frame in the drawing room near the entrance can go a long way.
A collection of artworks could be the solution for the living room. Small works in a row in the hallway are great for displaying family photos, and an oversized piece of abstract expressionism art for the dining room is sure to get people talking.
Generally, the artwork should be hung so that the center of the painting is at eye level.

dining room wall art

2. The Scale's Importance

It would help if you did not hang art more extensively than the sideboard or console when hanging it over them. An approximate measurement of 3/4 of the piece's width is recommended.
It is better to hang a large painting or a grid of smaller ones on a large wall rather than a single miniature. By the way, have you ever heard about Persian Miniature Paintings? They are excellent and can make your decor unique and eye-catching.

hang wall art

Furthermore, visitors will be drawn into a home if there is a giant painting near the entryway. As they are various techniques, sizes, prices, etc., canvas paintings are suitable and easy to find your favorite.

flower canvas painting

3. Hanging in Groups

The same 'wow' factor of a much larger work can be achieved at a much lower price when several artworks are grouped, four, six, or more. So if you decide to hang wall art in a group, set them as a gallery wall to magnify the beauty. Drawing a grid on graph paper will help you determine the perfect distance before you decide which piece of art to use. Moreover, if you want to measure between them, you might want to arrange them on the floor first.

gallery wall

How to Hang Art Like A Pro

      • The center point of wall art should be at eye level. It is generally about 1.5 meters above the ground.
      • The spacing between multiple paintings should be appropriate when hanging them together as a single significant work.
      • The light can be bounced around by a glass-fronted picture in a dark hallway.
      • Using a stylish wall light on top of wall art duplicates the artwork's beauty.
      • When choosing the frame color and type, think about what works best in your room.
      • Rather than one large piece, a grid of more minor works can fill a wall more economically.
      • If you'd like to hang a wall rug as artwork and it doesn't have a frame, try rug hangers for the wall.
      • Decorative plates are artwork you can hang individually or in a group.

gallery wall frames

Drilling or Stick-on?

It depends on the art piece's weight. You'll need to consider the artwork's weight and choose the right hook to hang it. For a large painting, you will need to drill. However, for more minor, lighter works, adhesive hooks are great. Renters and people who want to change their interior design regularly will benefit from them because they will not damage the wall. Weigh the artwork before choosing the size of the adhesive hook, and always allow for a little extra weight. Moreover, the article "bedroom wall decor" explains how to choose appropriate artwork sizes for any wall in your home.

how to hang artwork

In this article, we discussed three main tips for hanging wall art professionally and then talked about the critical point of this subject. Now we ask you to tell us your ideas as valuable comments. After all, if you don't like to use nails for any reason, you can hang wall art without nails.
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