Traditions and customs exist everywhere in the world. Depending on the culture, these values are rooted in history, while others come from social patterns. The American way refers to U.S. traditions and customs, even though the USA is not the only country in the Americas.
Some customs and traditions are common in different countries, like Halloween, while some are unique only to one country. Today we will talk about the traditions that only exist in the united states of America.

american traditions

1. The Fourth of July Celebration

It probably is the most crucial only-belonged-to-Americans celebration. To commemorate the birth of the United States and its newfound freedom, Americans celebrate on July 4. On this day in 1776, the United States was granted freedom from the British Empire with the Declaration of Independence. The 4th of July is often celebrated with parades, barbecues, concerts, and, most importantly, fireworks. It is a nationwide vacation when many people fly the American flag and dress in red, white and blue to honor the colors of the flag. Some even incorporate the colors into their food, drinks and decorations. Many immigrants who have overcome the challenges of immigrating to the United States celebrate the Fourth of July celebration like the native Americans because they respect their new country like their own countries.

forth of july

2. Presidential Turkey Pardons

Since the 1940s, U.S. presidents have received a turkey at Thanksgiving in a special ceremony. Occasionally, they have spared the bird's life by officially pardoning it. (It is not clear what crime the birds even committed to warrant a pardon)
In 1989, George Bush Senior made the turkey pardon a permanent part of the ceremony, which is now held annually. The lucky turkeys are returned to a farm to live out the rest of their lives instead of turning into tasty food - which, sadly, usually lasts less than a year because the birds have been so overfed that they suffer from heart disease and other obesity-related illnesses. And if you wonder if there is a deeper meaning or symbolic purpose behind this ritual - there is not.

presidential turkey pardons

3. Groundhog Day

The American tradition of watching the groundhog has lived since the eighteenth century. Across the USA, groundhog burrows are scrutinized every year on February 2 for their ability to predict the coming of the new season. Folklore says groundhogs emerge earlier from their burrows on cloudy days. Winter will last six more weeks if it's sunny. If it's cloudy, it will return to its burrow.

groundhog day

4. Baby Shower

Throwing a baby shower for a pregnant friend is an American custom for almost all Americans. In this ceremony, People play fun and watch the mom-to-be open presents as a way to honor the upcoming delivery.

baby shower

5. Not Taking Maternity Leave

The United States is the only government that doesn't demand a settled break for new parents. The most immediate possibility for working experts is to take unpaid time off, which allows for job security under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Under this regulation, workers can take up to 12 weeks of leave if they have worked for their employer for at least 12 months and put in 1,250 hours minimum. A historic plan proposed by President Trump in recent years would provide six weeks of paid maternity leave for new mothers.

maternity leave

6. Excessive Patriotism

Excessive patriotism is one of the boldest signs of an American outside of Memorial Day, Flag Day, and the 4th of July. The USA flags hang inside and outside almost all homes and offices. You'll even see Americans wearing patriotic costumes any time of year. American children in U.S. schools repeat the Pledge of Allegiance to the USA flag daily.

usa flag day

7. Tipping for All Services

It is typical to tip for almost all services in the United States. Taxi drivers, bartenders, hairstylists, and restaurant servers are included in this tipping tradition. Nowhere in the world can you find such open-handed people.

tipping in the usa

8. Getting A Car at Sixteen

Most Americans own their cars and purchase their first vehicle as soon as they are legally permitted to drive a U.S. custom. In affluent families, parents buy cars, while teens save up for years to buy their affordable vehicles in lower-income families. 

car for sixteens

9. Drinking too much on 21st Birthday

It is legal to drink alcohol in the United States of America if you are 21. For their 21st birthday, many Americans plan a night of drinking with their friends.

twenty one birthday drink

10. A Sauce for Every Dish

On the American tables, there's a sauce for every food. From dipping to traditional sauces, American people eat a lot of sauces. In addition to vegetables, kids love chicken nuggets, and ketchup dipped in ranch dressing. People smother other meats in gravy and put barbecue sauce on burgers.

different sauces

As mentioned, Every country in the world has its traditions. Iran isn't an exception and has many Persian traditions and customs. According to its culture, Iran includes various types of handicrafts, carpets, handmade furniture, and tasty foods; and we have gathered a collection of the best Iranian souvenirs for you in the USA and Canada. The only thing you should do to receive Persian things at your home door is to fill out the order form for your favorite products. If you are an American or from any other country, please discuss your country's traditions in the comments section.

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