After suffering two disc herniations in college, co-founder Stephen Kuhl prioritized designs that promote back health and comfort. Burrow's other co-founder and Stephen's school classmate, Kabeer Chopra, injects style into sofa designs, giving them an extraordinary level of comfort, durability, and style.

burrow furniture sofas

Burrow Furniture

Before Burrow, any high-quality furniture was too heavy and expensive, while lightweight furniture was breakable and needed to be firmer. Burrow offers the best quality and best design by offering direct-to-consumer furniture for affordable prices. A high-quality, versatile sofa-buying experience that adapts to evolving home needs was the goal of Burrow when it launched.
Burrow kicked off the sofa-in-a-box trend, making decking out your living room more accessible. Shipping is free for any single order, with turnaround times between five and ten days, and fabric options swatches can be requested free of charge.
You can expect fair durability for the price of Burrow's furniture since it's designed to be versatile and for real life. In addition to conceiving every design in the USA, it may be manufactured in North Carolina, Vietnam, Poland, or India.

burrow furniture

Burrow Couches and Sofas

There was only one couch model when Burrow first started: the Nomad. The company has since released a variety of furniture, like couches, sofas, beds, shelves, and dressers. However, we always end up on the couch/sofa.
Four types of modern sofas are available from Burrow: Nomad, Range, Field, and Union collection. The collections are modular in design and offer many customization options, such as fabric options. Here are four types of Burrow couches:

Burrow Furniture Nomad Sofa

Burrow's Nomad sofa was the beginning of it all. With its timeless mid-century modern design, this piece will look great wherever you put it, and assembling it is a breeze.
Burrow Nomad couch is easy to move and has a built-in USB charger, an optional sleep kit for night guests, and a modular design that develops (or shrinks) with you, and you will have an ideal couch. This sofa personifies Burrow's potencies – cozy and restful, has lovely lines, and keeps your back feeling fabulous, even while lying on it.

burrow nomad sofa

Burrow Field Collection of Sofa

Burrow field sofa collection's modular design lets you add new particles as your needs or home change. The Field Couch Collection has different customization and design possibilities to fit personal conditions and wills:

      • Burrow Field collection lets you personalize the couch by adding an ottoman or sleep kit to transform it into a sleeper sofa.
      • The field sofa collection offers three leg material alternatives: Walnut Finish, Oak Finish, and Black Metal.
      • Field sofas are available in three colorways: Fog Gray, a modest soft gray; Carbon Gray, a modern smokey shade; and Plush Oatmeal, an off-white/cream tint. In this collection, you can choose between dark and light sofas.

burrow field sofa collection

Burrow Union Sofa Collection

The Union Collection sofas make every ease reachable, from single naps to family reunions. Borrow also offers union 3-seat sofas too. The most expansive, deep, plush, and comprehensive modular seating of Burrow was designed with movie nights, video games, and weekend cartoons in mind. But all that maximalism does not diminish what Burrow is famous for:

        • It's still a no-brainer.
        • It's made from the finest materials.
        • They ship it to your door for free.

burrow union sofa collection

Burrow Range Sofa Collection

The Range is a single-arm sofa design with a clip-on ottoman in a chaise-like standing. This particular configuration resembles a standard three-seater couch with a chaise. However, the open-end and promotion choices are a sure step toward a less traditional, modern outline.
The Range is Burrow's vision of a plush, cozy seating system ideal for everything from get-togethers to naps while featuring a stylish, modern design with a lower silhouette and neat, refined lines.
Moreover, while it is so easy to move and with the help of the versatile modular plan, there are numerous arrangement possibilities and options to develop with additional seats, added tables, and other promotions.

burrow range sofa collection

Burrow Furniture Shipping and Delivery

Burrow offers free shipping on every order, just like the Allform sofa company. Burrow's delivery times are swift for products that are in stock. The website lists delivery times as 5-10 days (as of publication).
But whenever possible, Burrow makes every effort to ship the orders quickly. When you order from the 'Ready to Ship' sofas and sectionals on their website, you'll be surprised at how fast your new furniture arrives.

burrow fabric sofa

How to Assemble Burrow Furniture?

Burrow's furniture pieces come in boxes, so you can easily transport them around your home and move them into the right spot in your living room. It also means squeezing a full-size sofa through narrow hallways or doorways.
You have probably heard some nightmare stories if you have ever had to build home furniture. But assembling Burrow furniture is easy from start to finish. Each piece is ready to go, and the couch is quickly constructed. The tools needed to make are also stored in a handy bag, so you can easily find what you need whenever you need it.

burrow leather sofa

This blog post reviewed the Burrow furniture brand, its products, and the delivery and assembly conditions. However, customers who want to try a sofa in person should know that Burrow is a 100% online supplier direct-to-consumer brand without showrooms.
Ultimately, what sweetens buying a burrow sofa is that it arrives with 100% free delivery and effortless assembly. If you have experienced shopping from the Burrow brand, please share it with us in the comments; if you have any questions about it, ask CyrusCrafts interior design masters.
In the CyrusCrafts online store, we have collected the best handmade furniture and home accessories, rugs, carpets, clothing and style accessories, and even Persian foods, all at the best prices ever. If you want to order any product, fill out its order form and wait for us to deliver it right to your door; if you live in the USA or Canada, the shipping time is surprisingly short.

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