JoyBird is a company born in the USA to offer high-quality furniture at affordable prices. The Foundation of this company was the idea that all people deserve boldly original furniture. Based in California, Joybird has become a staple among online furniture brands in less than a decade thanks to its elegant, mid-century-inspired designs.
As a brand, Joybird is firmly intent on sustainability. The company works with various environmental organizations to preserve the materials it employs to make its furniture. In addition, all Joybird furniture is handcrafted and created to last, which helps diminish overall furniture destruction across the board.
The only thing JoyBird's sofas do not have are handmade woodcarvings which you can find in CyrusCrafts' handmade sofa collection. Here is a review on Joybird furniture, especially sofas, how you can order them, and how they deliver the orders.

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Why JoyBird Furniture?

You may ask yourself, what are the privileges of buying furniture from JoyBird? Or why should I choose my furniture from this company's products? Or you may know JoyBird reviews before shopping. And here is the answer:

      • Design Specialists whom you can meet and consult about the design style and colors in case of your favorites and home design
      • 3D Space Planner lets you simulate your space with furniture pieces. This way, you can have the right image of the home with that sofa. 
      • Room Visualizer helps you compare places to put the JoyBird couch, for example, and then you can better decide its features.

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A Review on JoyBird Sofas

JoyBird presents a vast selection of modern furniture such as sofas, armchairs, sleeper sofas, modular sofas, daybeds, sleeper sofas, beds, and dining room and home office furniture. Still, this company is so popular because of its sofas.

Joybird reviews

JoyBird aims to create fair-priced, handcrafted furniture from the highest quality materials. Raw materials are converted into the precise specifications you want for each piece of furniture. Frank Lloyd Wright, Cara Greenburg, and Eero Saarinen, the designers of Joybird, were influenced by the stylish designs in the 1950s and 1960s. It means that the modernism of the 1950s and 1960s significantly influenced their designs.

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The Los Angeles-based company Joybird manufactures each piece of its sofas or sectionals based on customer specifications. Furthermore, skilled artisans meticulously handcrafted each piece of Joybird furniture in Tijuana, Mexico. They state they handcraft the custom JoyBird sofas inch by inch with the same care you put when selecting the body and upholstery materials, style, and colors.

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JoyBird Mid-Century Sofas

Mid-century contemporary designs recall the modern Danish style, the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, and the prominent designers of the 1950s and 1960s. The modern designs feature pure, brilliant lines, and the many fabric upholstery options include a range of neutral and vibrant colors. Joybird's mid-century sofas are brave choices that will season up any living space, specializing in mid-century design.
All components feature neat lines and gentle arcs that will add a trace of classiness to any house. The JoyBird brand co-operates closely with suppliers in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Tijuana and strives to supply medical advantages and competitive wages to all employees. Most JoyBird Mid-Century sofas are budget-friendly, like the Ikea sofas.

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How to Buy JoyBird Furniture?

A wide variety of sofas are available at Joybird, including sectionals, sleepers, modular, and loveseats. The dedicated design team offers several customization options on each JoyBird couch for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that larger retailers cannot match.

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From the warehouse to your living room, ready-made sofas take about four weeks. Fabric sample kits are free of charge. Products are typically delivered within 7 to 14 business days after production is completed for its outcomes. Some clients may hesitate to buy a Joybird Sofa because the company only has eight United States showrooms and a limited return window.

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JoyBird Furniture and the Environment

You may have heard JOYBIRD's name as an eco-friendly brand. To protect the planet, this eco-friendly American company decreases its environmental consequence by utilizing only sustainably sourced materials.

Joybird furniture reviews

The brand works with the environmental organization One Tree Planted to replenish forests. With every order you put at The JoyBird, partners with One Tree Planted to fund North America's reforestation and repair agendas, allowing the recharge of nature and its biodiversity and increasing attention to trees and sustainability.

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It is the end of the JoyBird review. If you have any opinions or questions about this brand, share them as a comment. Remember that CyrusCrafts has collected the most excellent handmade unique sofas, Iranian carpets, handicrafts, and accessories on this website to order online and receive at your door at the fairest prices. And we deliver your orders quickly if you live in Canada or the USA.

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