Maiden Home furniture is designed and made by crafters featuring outstanding and elegant layouts. This company produces sofas and different types of chairs like dining chairs or sofa chairs, beds, tables, and accent furniture designed in its New York studio and handmade by expert craftsmen in North Carolina. Still, here in this article, we want to review their sofas and sofa chairs. So please read this post before buying a sofa online.

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Maiden Home Sofa Collections

Maiden Home is an extraordinary furniture brand that works with North Carolina manufacturers to create all its unique products. The Maiden Home sofa collection contains classic, neoclassical, midcentury, contemporary, and modern pieces in optional light or dark colors for sofas. The idea for each item of the collection begins in the Maiden Home studio, where they design all products to be comfy, cozy, and full of lovely details. From their distinct layout to every tailored detail, the Maiden Home sofa designs are meticulously prepared to ensure each piece becomes a point of satisfaction in the customers' home or office.

maiden home sofa collection

Maiden Home Sofas Quality

Maiden Home sofas quality is incomparable. All materials are handpicked from tanneries, textile mills or sustainably managed forests to achieve the exact look and feel that the designers envision. Maiden home believes you shouldn't use anything less than a perfect fit for your home — whether generic design, poor quality, or anything short of a perfect fit. This brand utilizes only the best raw materials you will pass down through generations. Maiden Home's artisans do not compromise on construction and use high-quality materials to guarantee that every modern sofa set they deliver is a premium piece of furniture. The frames use thick plywood made from kiln-dried hardwood that is glued, double-dwelled and locked at the corners for added support. Cushions are custom-made from high-resilience Ultracold foam.

maiden home sofas quality

How to Buy A Maiden Home Sofa?

Maiden Home sells with direct-to-consumer trading methods. Eliminating all extra expenditures like salespeople, catalogs, etc. and shipping directly to you via the online model (in-stock sofas take about 3 to 5 weeks to ship and deliver) and Maiden Home showrooms, they say it always offers pleasingly value to the customers. You will not find it in ordinary furniture markets or retail stores, but the brand brings a cool, new spin to direct-to-consumer showrooms. In other words, like the FLOYD Sofas, Maiden Home is an eCommerce company that aims to bring woodworking mastery and timeless design to home decor lovers. However, it is a premier furniture brand, and the prices are a bit higher, making them prohibitively expensive for many consumers. If you want to order a product from Maiden Home, you can get up to five fabric samples for free, and you can even order wood samples for a little bit of cost.

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Are Maiden Home Sofas Handmade?

Maiden Home furniture is handmade in North Carolina and Virginia by the best furniture artisans in the world, as they say. Maiden Home crafts pieces handmade to order with a modern design using generations-old techniques. Maiden handmade sofas include simple straight lines in their layout. Still, if you are interested in more details and beautiful woodcarving patterns, you can visit the CyrusCrafts handmade wooden sofa sets on this website.

maiden home handmade sofas

In this post, you read a review on Maiden Home, one of the best furniture companies in the United States of America, and saw some photos of their products. If you have any questions or experience buying a sofa from this company, we would be happy to see them in the comments section. In the end, CyrusCrafts is proud to annunciate that on this online shop website, you can find unique interior design items and many other products, including edibles, clothing, and accessories and order them easily by filling out their order forms. Then our colleagues will deliver your orders to your home door at the first possible time. The delivery time gets shorter if you live in the USA or Canada.

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    Don't even think about the high prices of Maiden Home, because they will last for long years due to their high quality.
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    Maiden home is a popular brand in my country too.

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