Floyd is one of the most popular furniture companies in the United States of America. Floyd was launched in 2013 and started its Kickstarter campaign in 2015 in Detroit, Michigan, and now it is one of the best furniture producers in the USA. Nowadays, Floyd manufactures its products in the US, Mexico, etc.
Terrified by the portion of disposable furniture that drives its way into landfills every year, Alex O'Dell and Kyle Hoff, the founders of the Floyd, set about creating a solution to the problem. Stay with us in this article to get information about Floyd sofas and their quality, how to order sofas from Floyd, and all other Frequently Asked Questions.

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Floyd Sofas

FLOYD's founders found that neither a preassembled sofa nor a non-preassembled sofa was unsuitable for modern living because it was challenging to assemble or move a preassembled one. Hence, they debuted to design sofas for contemporary lifestyles. So Floyd carries only three modern sofa models: the sofa, the squishy chair, and the sectional sofa.
They are all unrestricted in a collection of colorful, durable upholstery for real life. Floyd's sofas are also modular with clean lines, so you can add recliners and sectionals if needed. The sofa is a simple design with optional chaise loungers that features clean, modern lines and a simple, innovative structure and seat cushions. Floyd sectional sofa consists of several modular pieces that can be configured depending on the living room area and the user's activities. The sectional sofa offers plenty of space for all home members to gather and rest.
Floyd offers a small range of remarkably customizable models. All Floyd sofas products are designed to move with you and stay a lifetime. So here you go with the quality of the sofas of Floyd company and how to buy them:

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Floyd Sofas Quality

FLOYD uses natural, high-quality raw materials for its furniture. You'll be able to keep these durable sofas and pieces for years to come, thanks to this Detroit-based e-commerce furniture company's high-quality construction and classic design.
A Floyd sofa is made of premium, non-toxic materials such as cold-rolled steel, high-quality maple plywood, Max comforting cushions, and stain-resistant textile so no stain can penetrate (even red wine). Fabrics on Floyd sofas are made to withstand abuse. The frames are made of plywood and powder-coated steel. Moreover, as the sofa is designed to move quickly, it is very compact.

floyd sofas quality

How to Buy Floyd Sofas?

Because Floyd sells directly from the company to consumers, its furniture prices are low without sacrificing quality. The stain-resistant fabrics can be tested for free before you order. By opening a secondhand marketplace to shop for used pieces, it has dedicated itself to becoming a more sustainable brand.
Two-seaters, three-seaters, and three-seaters with chaises are available as "Sofas." Shipping takes about six to ten weeks for the sofas to arrive. They also offer convenient shipping times. If you live in the USA, your sofa arrives within a week if it's in stock the next business day.
Floyd also has a 10-year warranty and free returns within 30 days. Their sales are usually so popular that people look forward to them yearly. In the picture below, you see people from Toronto to Chicago-as Floyd says.

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Are Floyd Sofas Handmade?

Floyd makes its contemporary-style sofas in the company with high-tech and up-to-date machines. Most of the handmade sofas have classic styles and are full of details. An excellent example of handmade sofas is handmade wooden sofas which woodcarving artists make all their pattern details by hand.
Since woodcarving techniques require professionality and much time, they often have high prices. Still, CyrusCrafts offers you handmade, high-quality wooden sofa sets at the best prices since they are produced in Iran, the country of available raw materials and workmen.

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This post reviewed one of the most popular furniture companies in the United States, FLOYD—now you know all Floyd products, their quality, and how to buy a Floyd sofa. Please tell us what you know about this company and ask us any probable questions by leaving comments.
If you like handmade furniture or other home accessories, look at our website to get surprised by the low prices. Ordering from CyrusCrafts is easy because you only need to fill out an order form, and we will deliver your orders quickly.

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