Classic interior design has many fans. The classic interior style is related to the pre-modern period. In that period, the value and moral system and all the political, social, economic, and family institutions and constructions were based on a God-centered world and man.
The architecture of this period was formed with a traditional view and based on mental and spiritual thoughts. Nowadays, most rich people go for classic home design. These people prefer the culture of the past and tradition to the style of contemporary interior design and the transient characters in this style.

classic home design

The classic interior design style reminds us of comfort and warmth from the past and provides a sense of security. The space decorated in classic style has particular originality and an attractive and pleasant look. This decoration style is one of the interior design styles that never go out of fashion and always creates a luxurious, elegant, and royal atmosphere.
Classical interior design is based on order, balance, precision, elegance, and symmetry.

classic interior

The Main Characteristics of Classic Style Interior Design

Classic interior design has many features, each specific to this style, in a way that distinguishes this style from other interior design styles. Features that represent the classic style in interior design are:

  • Symmetry
  • Discipline
  • Special Color Combination
  • Wooden Items
  • Royalty and Luxury
  • Having Details
  • Having a Focal Point

classic decoration

Symmetry: Symmetry can be considered the most characteristic feature of classical style. In this style, most items are placed in pairs facing each other. These are furniture, showcases, statues, and other accessories, and handicrafts.
In classic home design, decorative items are placed in front of each other to give a special symmetric, clean lines effect to your home decoration.

Discipline: This style is alien to disorder and any crowding. Each of the household items in the classic style has its place. This style is elegant, adding grandeur to your home decoration. In the classic style, all devices and elements are located in a particular place and arranged according to certain principles.

classic interior symmetry

The Color Combination: Colors used in interior design with classic style are famous for luxurious colors that give unique glory to your home. Neutral color palettes such as brown and cream colors can be used in this style. The colors you use in classic interior decoration should be inspired by nature and have a neutral and gentle effect.
You should also know that the colors should not have high contrast and do not use bold and pure color ranges. For example, jewel tones are proper for classical designs, but you should be careful not to use more than two besides the others because it creates a messy atmosphere.
The classic interior design colors are taken from nature and are beautiful and relaxing. Colors such as golden, beige, gray, cream, peach, olive, silver, red, soft brown, yellow, blue, green, gray, and matte pink are the most popular colors of this interior design style.
CyrusCrafts' interior designers recommend using stylish gold candle holders to complete your classic home design.

classic style interior design

Royalty and Luxury: The classic interior design is a luxurious style full of details and delicate works with precise geometry and architecture. Therefore, choosing handmade decorative items, carpets, and furniture is better; the details and delicate works on them convey the originality of the classic style to your house.

Having Details: Unlike the modern interior design in which the fabrics and textiles are primarily without patterns, you should buy patterned sofa fabric, bedspreads, carpets, wallpaper, and curtains in the classic interior. Pay attention to striped, checkered, and classic flower designs like damask are one of the best options for your fabrics.

luxury classic interior design

Including Wooden Items: The classic interior design style has historical features, so wooden wardrobes and the items placed in them are essential in this style. These collections are considered a part of interior decoration in classic style.

Having a Focal Point: Classically designed rooms often have significant focal points. Many focal points are large fireplaces, elegant tables, or impressive staircases. When a designer decides on the focal point of a room, everything else in the room is placed to complement it.

simple classic interior

Classic Home Design Elements

Among essential elements of classic home design are natural materials, hand-woven patterned carpets, inlaid sofa sets with handles and long backs, valuable metal and wooden decorations with dark gold and silver engravings, and magnificent curtains with heavy velvet fabric, cashmere, silk, etc.

classic design interior

Carpet in Classic Home Design

Carpets have long been a part of the luxury and precious items of the home. The classic interior covers the floor with wood-colored parquets, and the space's warmth and coziness are doubled with carpets. Using uncomplicated carpets, geometric designs, vintage rugs, plain carpets, and floor coverings with striped designs is not suitable for classic decoration.
Suppose you want to increase the splendor of your home decoration. In that case, using carpets with authentic Iranian designs is better. Carpets with clay designs and finely woven carpets with small and patterned designs are the best for classic interior decoration.

classic home carpet

You can match the color of the carpet with one of the elements of the house, such as walls, curtains, and furniture. Using complementary, similar, and opposite colors of one of these elements helps the home's beauty and makes the space happier.
If your house has flooring or plans to cover the floor, ceramics, and marble stones are more suitable for classic interior decoration. But to make your home more beautiful and eye-catching, it is better to use area rugs with original Persian designs.
Throwing a rug under the furniture table in the middle of the living room gives a special effect to the environment. Carpets with small patterns, full of designs and different colors, are recommended for classic home design.

carpet for classic interior

Classic Furniture for Home Design

Antique is the best furniture for interior decoration in the classic style. But it would take a lot of time and money to find them. In this case, you should go for sofas with inlaid and carved bodies and curved bases and handles to give a classic look to your living room.
In this home design style, sofa sets should be elegant and luxurious. The classic style is relatively quiet, so carefully choose furniture you can use and enjoy for a long time.
They use wooden furniture with glass tops and curved designs in classic decoration. Sofas covered in warm and brown colors with flower patterns or golden lines are examples of classic styles that you can use.

classic home design furniture

Wall Art for Classic Style Interior Design

Wall arts are one of the important and influential elements in interior design. A painting gives life to a white or gray wall and brings a new spirit to the desired space. Classical paintings are usually crowded and contain many elements. This style of panels is suitable for large environments and classic design styles.
As the Persian miniature paintings are entirely hand-drawn by masters and have numerous details and decorations, they are considered luxurious and suitable for classic interiors.

classic home wall art

For the framing of classical paintings, they usually used wooden and carved frames and often used gold colors the frames. Some modern paintings are used without frames, while others use simple frames. Even in some modern paintings, a large frame is used for several more miniature paintings.
Remember that magnificent and luxurious wall rugs can be one of the best options for an interior design in a classic style. Like miniature paintings, professional artists make wall rugs with numerous details. Therefore, their value is high, and is known as luxury items.
The walls are covered with wallpaper with soft colors or faded designs in a classic interior. If, in the center, there are frames that hug hand-woven rugs, it integrates the walls with the space and gives them soul.

wall art for classic interior

Classic Interior Design Style Lighting

Light is one of the essential elements in any interior design style. In classic interior decoration, wooden and crystal chandeliers can make the environment more beautiful. Long crystal chandeliers with tulip-shaped and candelabrum-shaped lamps, inlaid and carved wooden chandeliers, colored ceiling lamps inside the ceiling plasterwork, and hidden lamps are some suitable elements in classical interior decoration lighting.

classic interior design lighting

You can choose from chandeliers according to the classic style to better see the furniture and shine the space as much as possible. Crystal and bronze chandeliers are examples of classic chandeliers. Chandeliers suitable for classic interior design generally have a lot of decorations and glitter with a high number of flames.
You can also use wooden and crystal wall lights for classic home design lighting. It is more common to use classic wall lights in the bedroom. Still, their entry into the living room can significantly affect the interior design. Wall sconce lights are so valuable for a symmetric wall design.

Decorative Items for a Classic Interior

Decorative objects in all decorations are attractive elements that can be used as focal points in an environment. Decorative objects suitable for classic interior decoration have a wide variety. But in the meantime, wooden objects are more original and popular. Wall hangings with traditional or small patterns can also be popular decorations for classic interior design.

classic home design items

A classic interior is not only a place for valuable antiques, expensive handmade decorations, rare collections, exquisite rugs, and silver or gilded dishes. It is also necessary to have all these components in a precise order with complete harmony. The use of vases, bowls, and handmade decorative plates is widespread and trendy in modern and modern classic interior design.

decorative items for classic interior

Despite the expansion of modern design, the classic interior design style still has its visual appeal and remains popular. Some people may have abandoned this style because of its oldness. Still, due to its originality, nostalgia, and uniqueness, this style has attracted people's attention and even this style. They have also entered the space of their bedrooms.

classic furniture

If you want a classic home, it is a costly solution and never ends cheaply. All the characters, tools, and accessories used in the classic interior design are expensive and unique; the columns, column heads, and fireplace are marble. They are handmade and expensive plastering.
But now, the CyrusCrafts team has come to your aid and offered all its luxury products at the best price. Therefore, without hesitation, you can order any of our products by filling out the order form so that our colleagues will deliver them wherever you are. Please remember that we are honored and encouraged to read your valuable comments.

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