Although interior design is not simple, there are simple tips to achieve a great interior design. Nowadays, many options are available for designing your home or office beautifully. You don't have to spend so much on changing a room decoration.
Here are six excellent decorating steps when you want to decorate your home or office yourself.

1. You Don't Have to Stick to One Style 

No rule is to decorate every part of your home in the same style. You can have a modern living room but a vintage bedroom. Even in one room, there's no need to make the actual choices in one style. Adding creative ideas for decoration can give your home a strong personality.
Some examples of creative interior design ideas could be: applying a handmade carpet in a contemporary designed room, using abstract wall art in a minimalist office, or placing a wardrobe full of antiques in the drawing room. If you have any other ideas, please add them as a comment. Don't limit your choices; you should only be careful that the design doesn't go clumpy or look messy. 


2. Lighting

The absence or abundance of light is inappropriate for an element such as light. Nobody likes a dark room, while an overly bright one can look tacky and overwhelming. Natural light streaming through windows and glass doors, table lamps, overhead fixtures and lighting can transform your room from bland to inviting.
You can elevate your home decor to the next level with the proper lighting. For a dramatic impact, try uplights that highlight a work of art, pendant lights grouped in threes, or under cabinet lighting in the kitchen.


3. Consider the Proportions

When designing a room, consider its size and furniture usage. You may have a big family or many guests, but a big three-seater sofa or sectional won't be a good choice if the home or living room is small. Fortunately, nowadays, modern sofa sets offer various dimensions according to the space you have considered for furniture in a room.
Everyone should make furniture decisions based on proportion. If you have oversized sofas and loveseats in the room, an oversized wing chair can overpower the room, and small end tables will not provide the balance to offset them. Furthermore, if your place is tiny, please remove unusable staff. If you have a challenge with decorating a small bedroom, we have already thought of you and wrote an article for you as “tips for small bedroom interior design.”


4. Use Accent Pieces

An accent piece of furniture can create a bold style statement in a room. Examples of accent furniture are accent chairs in a sofa set, shelves, cushions, ottomans, etc. It is more likely that accent pieces will differ in style, color, or material from existing furniture than occasional pieces, such as an extra chest in a bedroom.
When you choose an accent piece, you show off your excellent taste. In addition to adding character to a room, a freestanding bar, a fireplace or a console can create a focal point.


5. Choose the Suitable Upholstery

Upholstery plays a vital role in every piece of home staff. You should select a suitable fabric for the furniture, curtain, etc. Using leather upholstery or performance fabrics in a living room without an adults-only section is possible. With performance fabrics like velvet sofa fabrics, you can enjoy trendy lighter shades without the risk of stains or damage. Raw silk may not be the best fabric for your living room if you have young children or pets.


6. Don't Miss Accessories

If you want a miracle in your decoration without spending much money, go for wall art or handicraft. Artworks are unique and can make significant changes in an interior design. Please don't underestimate the effect of small objects; they can complete your decoration.
The CyrusCrafts interior design professionals recommend making a gallery wall on one side of the room and then attaching photos, canvas paintings, wall rugs, decorative plates, and whatever you like to it as wall decor for the living room.


Hoping that this article will be helpful to you, we invite you to visit our website and choose what you need for your perfect interior design at the best price. CyrusCrafts is here to offer you the best quality handmade carpets, furniture, wall art, and handicrafts from Iran to the world, especially Canada and the USA.

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