The drawing room is a room that we enter in many houses as soon as we enter. Maybe the name drawing room reminds us of a room for painting. Still, the name drawing room is taken from the architecture of 16th-century houses with rooms called withdrawing rooms or withdrawing chambers. The use of withdrawing rooms was for the guest to wait for the host upon entering the house, and the rooms' features should be such that the guest can have a short rest and be entertained.


Drawing room or living room

The living room is where family members gather and relax, while the drawing room is where guests are welcomed when they enter the house. For an example of the differences between living rooms and drawing rooms, drawing rooms do not usually have TVs or comfortable recliner chairs; however, living rooms do.
Today, the number of houses that have drawing rooms has decreased. Because of the population increase and the need for more houses, homes have lower square footage than in the past; for this reason, the living room is sometimes used as a drawing room. Anyway, the importance of home interior design compels talking about drawing room designs too.


drawing room interior

Interior design is one of the most critical issues in every home because we can relax and enjoy its beauty with a proper contemporary interior design. So decorated drawing rooms are precious. In addition, entering a house, the first thing that attracts the guest's attention is the drawing room. So the interior design of the drawing room is essential and can show your personality and lifestyle to the guest. There are different designs for drawing rooms, for example, simple design, vintage interior design, minimalist drawing room, maximalist drawing room, etc. Many factors affect an interior design, like its size, home architecture, and how many family members and guests you usually have in your home.

The following article will discuss the essential elements for drawing room interior design so you can design a lovely one for your home. Even with a small drawing room, you can have an excellent drawing room interior design.

  • Drawing room wall design: What do you think about having a piece of art on a drawing room's wall? Large wall art such as nature wall art, coastal wall art, white wall art, classical art, black and white abstract art, or any other minimalist abstract art can turn one of the room walls into an art gallery. In addition, you can use the new pre-assembled wall decoration tools; an example is in the picture below. In addition, a suitable wall light can be an attractive decorative item for your lovely drawing room. You can see samples of up-down lights, modern wall lights, brass wall lights, brass wall sconces, vintage wall lights, crystal wall lights, and vintage wall lights on the website's wall lights collection.


  • Wall decor for drawing room: There are home decor items to hang on walls, such as wall canvas paintings, wall mirrors, wall rugs, and many other elements. We suggest a handwoven Persian wall rug and a calligraphy painting create a unique and perfect drawing room wall decor. These two wall decor elements are excellent handmade works that no one can copy.
  • Painting for drawing room: A wall painting design for a drawing room can make it excellent, so that a canvas painting can be an intelligent choice. Simple paintings such as water painting, watercolor painting such as nature painting, sunset painting, acrylic painting on canvas, large canvas wall art, watercolor drawing such as watercolor flowers, acrylic on canvas, modern canvas art, textured canvas art, abstract acrylic painting, graffiti canvas art, poster color painting, a copy of a famous painting, or even a large framed wall art or any incredible paintings like gond art can be good suggestions as a painting for drawing room. After all, the best wall art we recommend is Persian miniature painting, a unique and perfect painting style with so many details.


  • Drawing room curtain: choosing the curtain depends on your drawing room's interior design. You can set the drawing room curtain with the carpet or other furniture.


  • Drawing room ceiling design: The design of the ceiling is as important as the design of the drawing room walls. Light is undoubtedly one of the essential elements of a drawing room ceiling design. A drawing room ceiling design is incomplete without a chandelier. The CyrusCrafts interior design team has collected a perfect collection of luxury chandeliers, such as shaded chandeliers, high ceiling chandeliers, beaded chandeliers, bubble chandeliers, glass chandeliers, vintage chandeliers, antique chandeliers, chrome chandeliers, metal chandeliers, glass bubble chandeliers, and so on for you. Still, plastering and false ceilings can also provide unique 3D views. In addition, choosing a suitable color for the ceiling also significantly affects the beauty of your drawing room.


  • Sofa design for drawing room: A suitable contemporary interior design, first of all, includes choosing the right furniture. There is no need for drawing room sofas to be extremely royal, formal or traditional, or highly comfortable. It is enough to choose a stylish sofa suitable for the room's space and other interior decoration. You can see the latest sofa designs for the drawing room on the CyrusCrafts website, and buy your favorite sofa set by filling out the order form.


  • Center table for drawing room: drawing room tables help us host homelike guests. In addition, by using appropriate table decor items like table lamps, we can have a beautiful table design. Thus, our drawing room would be much more attractive. You can also place some magazines, comic books, or photo books on the table so your guests can enjoy them.


The article briefly introduced the drawing room, its use of this room, the differences between the drawing room and the living room, and the elements of an attractive drawing room. Please share your opinion about this article and your helpful ideas. Do not forget that many decor items such as furniture, painting and calligraphy panels, carpets and rugs, and other unique Persian handicrafts are available on the CyrusCrafts website and ready to beautify the rooms of your lovely home.

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    • Mahsa
    • 2022-08-15 05:59:06
    The design ideas are nice.
    • Clara
    • 2022-12-03 06:11:58
    Before reading this article, I didn't know anything about Drawing rooms.
    • Anah
    • 2023-03-30 07:31:59
    Are large statues good for a white drawing room?
    • CyrusCrafts
    • 2023-05-11 11:25:54
    Dear Anah, yes, it would be a good idea to use large statues in drawing rooms.

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