Oxidized jewelry is back after being popular for years with chains, zodiac accessories, and layered strands. Jewelry like oxidized earrings and necklaces that come into contact with the environment minimally benefit from oxidized finishes.
The popularity of oxidized jewelry can be attributed to several factors. Its versatility and cost-effectiveness compare favorably with purer metals such as gold and silver. In addition, these types of handmade jewelry have a distinct appearance.


Oxidized Jewelry

Oxidized jewelry's purpose is to change its surface's color by introducing sulfides into it. Because oxygen is not involved in the process, the term 'oxidizing' is misleading. Its antiqued, royal appearance is a popular reason for this process' popularity. Furthermore, mixing and matching designs allows one to experiment with their jewelry; for example, using turquoise in an oxidized necklace will duplicate its beauty. The following details will tell you everything about oxidized jewelry and significantly oxidized earrings and will help you take care of them. And if you want to know more about how to choose jewelry, we have an entire post for you.


Oxidized Earrings

As a result of technological advances, jewelers have a great deal of control over how the color of your oxidized silver piece will appear. In oxidation, sulfur is mixed with another chemical and introduced to the surface or patina. It is generally associated with colors like black, gray, and blue, but it can also display brighter hues like blue, purple, yellow, and red. We suggest you purchase oxidized earrings with moonstone crystals which are various in colors and offer you many options.


Does Oxidized Jewelry Fade

The oxidized jewelry piece may look great when you first buy it, but it will slowly change as time passes. In high or humid areas, oxidized jewelry's patina will fade due to exposure to atmospheric gases or moisture during storage and use. Moreover, your body lotions, perfumes, or sweat may harm oxidized jewelry. In addition, direct sunlight causes oxidized earrings' color to fade over time. A jewelry box is one of the valuable products that can help you protect your oxidized jewelry more, which is so beautiful that you can use it as table decor items simultaneously.


How to Keep Oxidized Jewelry

Oxidized jewelry is sensitive to humidity and chemicals, so you should avoid chemicals like perfume or detergents. When you want to put your oxidized jewelry pieces at home, put them individually in zipped plastic bags; because they may scratch each other. Zipped plastic bags keep your accessories safe against the air humidity too. The most important thing is to keep oxidized earrings or other oxidized jewelry away from sunlight when not in use. 


How to Clean Oxidized Earrings

The amount of time you spend cleaning your oxidized jewelry depends on the type of jewelry you have. To begin with, do not use the same cleaning methods you would use on your other jewelry. Do not clean oxidized earrings with substances like jewelry polish, as they will ruin their smoky, blackened appearance. To clean any oxidized jewelry:
1. You will need to mix warm water with washing liquid in a bowl and place your oxidized handmade earrings, for example, in the solution.
2. Allow it to sit in the mixture for 10-20 minutes. Once the jewelry piece looks clean, carefully wipe it dry or let it air dry.
It is inevitable that most cleaning methods result in some loss of polish, so oxidizing it again will be necessary after cleaning. You can always get your jewelry re-oxidized if you like the retro look.


Oxidized Jewelry Types

Metallurgical oxidation doesn't relate to oxidized jewelry, as was stated. Let's get to the bottom of this once and for all. Platinum and gold, which are noble metals, resist oxidation naturally, so oxidized jewelry refers to the addition of sulfides. Other metals of this type are ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, copper, osmium, and iridium. Stainless steel and brass are also corrosion-resistant alloys that man invented.
There are many types of oxidized jewelry, but only 3 of them are prevalent enough:
Oxidized Silver Jewelry: An oxidized or blackened silver surface is genuine sterling silver that a chemical process has deliberately darkened. The result is a dark patina formed by silver sulfide on the metal's surface, which speeds up the natural tarnishing process.
Oxidized Gold Jewelry: There is a common misconception that oxidized gold jewelry is fake because of its tarnishing. As for the oxidized gold jewelry being pure gold, it cannot be further from the truth. 
Oxidized Copper Jewelry: Copper toxicity concerns some who wear oxidized copper jewelry. Because copper toxicity only occurs when you ingest copper, this is not a cause for concern. Jewelry made of oxidized copper does not harm the wearer in any way. Copper does not harm our skin as it is antimicrobial and antifungal.


The Price of Oxidized Earrings & Where to Buy Them

This factor also depends on the type of metal used, but oxidizing adds to the price. It is possible to buy oxidized earrings at a fair price if you are concerned about the price. CyrusCrafts jewelry store offers a wide selection of oxidized jewelry sets for you in Canada and the USA. A difference between CyrusCrafts and all other jewelry stores is that we focus on providing premium quality jewelry at an affordable price. On the website, you may visit our unique handmade accessories like Rings, Earrings, Unique Necklaces, and handmade Bracelets and tell us your opinions by writing down comments.


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