Moonstone is one of the most popular stones in jewelry production. This name is due to its bluish-white glow and fine layer-like structure, which evokes a kind of glow like the moon at night between the clouds. Moonstone jewelry is trendy nowadays like it was in ancient. Moonstones can be found in white, blue, gray, brown, pink, orange, green, yellow and colorless colors. Each color can give an extraordinary beauty to this stone, along with its adolescent shine, which usually appears in white and blue colors. Rare colorless specimens have a wonderful blue adolescent sheen and reflection. So blue moonstone is the one that has a blue shines. Each of these factors adds to the value of the stone.
Moonstone crystals and beads have many applications in the accessory industry; it may be interesting that some designers use them in dresses.

moonstone crystals

moonstone Benefits

The moonstone is considered a symbol of love. The most moonstone benefits are repairing skin, hair, eyes and internal organs such as the liver and pancreas. Moonstone also harmonizes the hormonal cycle. It is used as a treatment for insomnia. It stabilizes emotions, provides peace, increases intuition, and has healing powers against negative energy. Stimulating the pineal gland and balancing the hormonal cycle becomes an excellent stone for premenstrual syndrome, conception, pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding, reflecting calm energy and helping to strengthen intuition and psychic perception. Creating harmony with the environment and personal flexibility reduces swelling and excess bodily fluid. Women love beautiful necklaces, so you can use a moonstone necklace to benefit yourself.

moonstone necklaces

Moonstone Properties

Moonstone is a symbol of growth and inner strength.
It promotes business.
It attracts wealth and increases genius.
Likewise, it increases relaxation in a person and strengthens intuition by diminishing negative energies.
It heals the lymphatic system and balances the stomach, pancreas and pituitary gland with its healing powers.

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Other Attributes of Moonstone:

Balancing and regulating the sixth chakra
stabilization of emotions
Increased intuition
A symbol of success and happiness in love and business prosperity
It removes toxins in the digestive system
Healing powers for the repair of skin, hair, eyes, and internal organs such as the liver and pancreas
It stimulates the pineal gland and balances the hormonal cycle
Famous for the stone of wishes
Regulation of female hormones
Increased visual sensitivity
Eliminate frustration and create harmony with the environment and flexibility of the person
Attracting wealth and cultivating genius
If you wear a bracelet with your casual style, a moonstone bracelet benefits bring you a magical power at work and in all daily activities.

moonstone bracelet

Moonstone Properties in Ancient Beliefs

Moonstone has been subject to different beliefs in different cultures since several thousand years ago. It has been used in Roman jewelry for nearly two thousand years, even more so in the East. It has always been a sacred stone in India, has special significance for lovers, and is a traditional wedding gift, which they believe brings happiness to its owner. In Arab cultures, women sewed moonstones on their clothes because they believed it would increase fertility and have children. In ancient Rome, like the Hindus, this stone was associated with the moon's power, and they thought it would get its luster from the moonlight. Moonstone is closely related to the myth of ancient Rome, Diana, "Goddess of the Moon," and the one who can bestow love, wealth, victory and wisdom. Therefore, they believed the moonstone has properties related to the moon, such as the power of femininity, insight, emotion, love and dreams. Also, this mineral was a valuable stone among lovers because people used to believe that the owner of this stone could see the couple's future life. In Europe, this stone was used to reunite separated lovers. The Asians say that there is a living soul in the stone. Hypothetically, if the moonstone is placed under the full moon's light, it can predict whether the owner's love will be happy or sad. If you put it under your pillow while sleeping, you can see the future in your dreams and predict possible dangers. Many beliefs show that this stone will bring positive results in a person's life. Most people someday will wear a ring; it sounds like a good idea to choose a moonstone ring to have a unique wedding ring and have moonstone benefits with you forever.
moonstone benefits

Moonstone Properties in Chakra Therapy

Do you know what moonstone does with the chakras? Did you know that the moonstone is a chakra stone? Clear Moonstone from Sri Lanka Moonstone clears and removes negativity from all chakras and provides extra energy and support in balancing the physical, emotional and intellectual bodies. It affects the third eye chakra (the sixth chakra) and the crown. At the same time, it is rainbow-type and regulates all the body's chakras. We can mention the properties of moonstones in stimulating the inner echo, harmonizing with the feminine dimension, encouraging patience, sobriety in tolerance and inner peace of mind. Moonstone uses metallic energy, the energy of intelligence, contraction, healing and creativity. It is the energy of uniformity and crystallization - ideas, concepts and groups. The metal element gives the power of focus and determination to our lives and homes. Metal energy is traditionally associated with a house or room's northwest and west areas. Using white moonstone crystal jewelry energy to focus, gather power, or work with a group. Its crystallization energy will strengthen your efforts and determination. This stone expresses the feminine side of existence, which is an essential step in the path of personal wholeness; that's why it is said that this stone in chakra therapy helps to regulate the menstrual period more easily. Moonstone is a talisman for inner travel; meditating with it can take a person to the depths of his being. Sometimes replace your beautiful earrings with moonstone earrings to help your chakras.

blue moonstone earing

Rainbow Moonstone, The Most Popular

One of the unique and rare types of feldspar is known as rainbow moonstone. Of course, its adolescence has a blue reflection and shows itself more in this color than in green. This case also happens in labradorite stone from the feldspar family. Mineralogically, Rainbow Moonstone is a plagioclase labradorite feldspar. That's why it's also called radiant blue labradorite, and rainbow moonstone is a more commercial name. The brilliance of the play of colors in rainbow moonstones can appear from pink to yellow, peach, purple and blue. So we recommend you consume rainbow moonstone as one option while choosing jewelry pieces.

purple moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone Properties

  • Rainbow Moonstone activates and aligns the energies of all our chakras so that energy flows freely.
  • This stone is very soothing, with energetic and calming vibrations.
  • This powerful crystal relates to one's emotional body and mental state.
  • Rainbow Moonstone is a powerful ally to help maintain mental clarity throughout the day, helping you fight negative vibrations.
  • With mental clarity, you will realize the level of awareness, intuition and thinking of the person.
  • This stone encourages a person to get new opportunities.

After rainbow moonstone, the most popular types of moonstone are blue moonstone, white moonstone, pink moonstone, and peach moonstone, which you can use with oxidized jewelry to duplicate their beauty.

blue moonstone ring

What you read in this article about the metaphysical properties and characteristics of the moonstone was just a collection that we have collected from the folk beliefs of ancient times. Therefore, the CyrusCrafts team does not claim any scientific facts about this content and moonstone benefits. Please share the folk beliefs and fairy tales of your compatriots about moonstones or other stones with us by posting a comment. Keep in mind that CyrusCrafts Collection is the provider of the best Iranian handicrafts to the whole world, especially in Canada and the United States. So it is enough to fill out the order form after choosing the products you want on our website. They will be delivered to your door quickly.

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